Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reality Recap

I'm a HUGE reality tv fan, and I have to admit, I have seen every show of every season of the Bachelor. Sad, I know!

If you are watching this season then you probably know that Matt is down to two women. Shayne, the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas, and Chelsea the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. I really like Amanda, the woman who was kicked off last night because I thought she was very genuine. At first I would have to say that Shayne was my least favorite - I thought she seemed a little snobby. After these last several weeks of the show, she has really grown on me. Who do you like?

(In case you are wondering, that's not the only reality show I watch on Monday! Ohhhh no! I also watch The Hills and Little People Big World!)


Kelly said...

I didn't like shayne at ALL at first but she has REALLY grown on me. What about her mom and the huge lips? ha!

tootie said...

I'm starting to like Shayne more, too. But I agree - I liked Amanda because she seemed so down-to-earth.

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