Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Very Busy Saturday

Yesterday was game day! Chris was really in the mood for marketplace so we headed out to Springdale...and this is what the freeway looked like:

I took this pic from the passengers seat. People were pulling off the road because the rain was so bad. It actually got worse than this pic shows, but I put down the camera to help Chris keep an eye on the road.

After lunch (where I joined about 15 other women in the bathroom to dry off because we were all totally soaked!) we headed to my favorite local maternity boutique, Two Chic in Fayetteville and I ran into Amanda! Doesn't she look great for 37 weeks pregnant?! I hope I look that good! Amanda and I used to work together at the Wal-Mart Home Office. It was so good to see you Amanda!

After that, we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up Chris' dad and uncle who drove up from Van Buren to go to the game with us. My brother in law was supposed to come too but long story short, he turned down the game to go on a date....and then his date got a boyfriend 2 hours before their date. Oh I was so mad! I am so protective of him, and that totally distracted me from the game because I kept texting! He's almost 16 so I can only imagine things will continue to get more dramatic!

Here is Chris and I at the game. Keep in mind that I look horrible because: A.) I was caught in a torrential rainstorm. B.) I had just walked through 90 degree heat, uphill, in jeans, 5 months pregnant. C.) I was thinking about the next text I needed to send to my brother in law.

I could go on, but that's enough excuses! Oh well, at least we sit in the air conditioning. I told Chris three years ago when we got these tickets that the only way I would go to games on a regular basis is if we sat where it is climate controlled.

A pic of our newly decorated field (aka, the hog emblem) as the winning team entered (us, in case you missed it):
So that brings me to this morning. I woke up to go to church and then I looked at Chris. His face looked like a pin cushion (no, he wouldn't let me take a pic). His allergies are sooooo bad right now. He felt terrible so we decided to stay home.

About 5 min's later I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction. It scared the living daylights out of me, so I rushed to the oh so trusty internet to look it up, before I had the sense to text my best friend Amy and just ask her. Turns out that I'm not dying and Brayden is fine - at least I think he is. After panicking, and I'm sure providing Amy with some laughs, Brayden has finally woken up from his apparent nap and began kicking the heck out of my stomach. It's a little game he likes to play. At least today we are playing with my stomach and not my bladder...

Friday, August 29, 2008


So I've found something I've been looking for ...

Yay! I am so ordering this!

So, anyway, yesterday I had a dentist appointment. First off, I dread dentist appointments. I don't care if it's a cleaning or a filling, I get so nervous and anxious...but for good reason. I was a preemie and I don't have enamel on my teeth so there is generally something wrong, usually a cavity. And my teeth issues don't end there. I can't be numbed. For whatever reason, I've never been able to get numbed from the shots they give you before they fill your cavity.

I went into yesterdays appointment expecting the usual...a cavity or two. What I got was "pregnancy gingivitis." Oh goodie. So instead of one or two cavities I potentially have three or four. They gave me some prescription stuff and I'm hoping that they just go away. Oh and I forgot to mention that they felt the need to "deep clean" my gums, so they pried them away from teeth and scraped them with that hideous metal tool they use. OW. They hurt last night but oh my, they hurt so much worse now.

Tomorrow is the first Razorback game of the season and I am so excited! I'm hoping the weather is okay. Thankfully, we've got indoor seats - I say thankfully because if it's the teeniest bit hot I swell up and my rings feel like they are going to pop off my fingers! Lovely imagery, I'm sure!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Book for Brayden

Today my mom and I had lunch with a friend who had made me a GORGEOUS baby book for Brayden!

Now, these are not the best pictures I've ever taken but the camera battery was this close to being dead so I was on a time crunch!
I've got no idea why they are sideways! They weren't taken sideways, they didn't upload sideways and yet once I clicked 'done' and they copied onto this post, they are suddenly sideways. Anyways, here are a few of the many pages! (Funny sidenote....she had no idea what my colors were but she used them, how funny!)

In case you are wondering what that blue blanket is that all these pics are taken on, it is covering my new dining room table because I have yet to figure out how to break my cats from getting up on it....any suggestions? Oh, and water squirt bottles dont work - my cats like the water. Go figure.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Future nursery theme!

The new template is a rough idea of my Brayden's future nursery theme!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Buys

This weekend I did some damage in Dallas...buying LOTS of baby and maternity things. I took pics of my baby buys...

The Diaper Bag:
Grammy's Outfits (my mom):
Layette from my new favorite store, Janie and Jack:

Other Clothes - The jeans with the dress shirt and argyle sweater vest and loafers is for baby dedication day. If you saw the crystal binkie I got for Kelly , I also got one for Brayden. It's in the box on the left of the pic...It's a blue and brown B and then Mom got one that is a crystal golf ball (mainly for Chris)! She also got him his first piggy bank! The shirt at the bottom says "If you think I'm cute, you should see my Daddy!" I couldn't pass that one up! The hat and booties say "I Love Mommy!"
It's a boy bouquet from mom and dad and roses from Chris:
Near our hotel was a Destination Maternity that carries Motherhood, Mimi's and Pea in the Pod clothing and I think I bought just about everything the Pea in the Pod section had! I didn't take pics because the camera died from exhaustion...ha!
As you can tell we had a great trip! This week I am going to wash all of Brayden's clothes and put them in a rubbermaid container so they stay clean. Friday night my doctor called just to let me know that everything on my ultrasound looked "wonderful." I was so relieved!
And last but not least, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the wonderfully sweet comments on my last post! They all mean SO MUCH to me!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's A ...


Um, Wow! I'm in total shock! Brayden Paul W**** will be joining us in January! I soooooo thought I was having a girl. As soon as Teena, the world's sweetest ultrasound tech put the thing on my belly she announced "Boy!" I almost told her to check again! Ha! But I am over the moon happy!

My doctor wasn't present at the ultrasound so she couldn't technically tell me that everything looked normal but she knew that I knew most of the things she was looking for so she would say things like "That's the four chamber heart" or "There's the neck - looks good!" really obviously for me to pick up on! On our way out she whispered "Everything looked good to me" so I feel encouraged by that. Dr. Smith said he would only call if there was a problem and since I haven't heard from him I feel pretty good about it.

Tomorrow I am going to a store in Fayetteville called "Two Chic" to get a couple of things I the "It's a Boy" t-shirt and the Peanut Shell baby sling pictured below:

Oh and I almost forgot! Chris felt the baby kick last night!!!! Brayden seems more active when I'm about to go to sleep (go figure) and when I eat pancakes. Apparently Brayden likes them as much as I do! Anyway, it was so cool to finally be able to share that feeling with Chris!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So very nervous!

First of all, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post! =)

Tomorrow is the BIG day and I am sooooo nervous. I have this fear that they are going to tell me something is wrong. But deep down, I know everything is ok. Last time (with my miscarriage) I knew from day one that something wasn't right. This time I totally don't feel that way. Phew.

Today I did something random and watched one of those baby shows on TLC which I never, ever watch. I guess it was because my Zofran took 45 mins to kick in today and there was nothing else on at 8am!
But I picked up something neat...
It allows your hubby to time your contractions easily for you. I don't know how well it will work in the heat of the moment ... can you imagine having contractions and yelling for your hubby to grab the laptop! LOL! Well, I guess I can....ha!

I'm also freaking out a little bit because while we have a boy name picked out we do not have a girl name (just a middle name). And because I KNOW this is a girl (wink, wink) I feel totally unprepared. The problem is that Chris and I have different tastes in names. I don't think I've mentioned a single girl name that he has liked. Oh well, maybe they will all prove me wrong and it will be a boy - problem solved.

Only 23 1/2 more hours to go....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello baby!

Last night Chris and I were eating dinner and watching the Olympics when I thought I felt the baby move. I pressed my hand and WHACK!!! I think I was kicked! Or possibly slapped! It was so awesome! Chris ran over but it was too late. I tried pushing lightly on my tummy to see if it would get the baby riled up but no such luck!!

Our camera is currently MIA but I am off to go look for it because I have a new bump pic to share! I'll post when I find it!

Ok found's pics!

Please ignore the lovely white bra straps...this is not the outfit I intended to wear, but the long seems to fit me correctly...

Oh, and I need to talk to Chris about cutting my head off in these pics...?

Blogger Problem

I dont know if you can even read my blog right now, but for some strange reason when I go to any of your blogs I can't see new posts. I've posted on Blogger for help, so hopefully someone will know how to fix it.

I've tried rebooting, making sure my cookies were enabled, logging in and out, etc. Nothing is working.

So if you have any idea how to help me please email me at


ETA: When I go to my blog I can't see this post, but when I go to "edit posts" it shows that you all should be able to see it. I am so confused!

ETA Again... I just logged on using my laptop and I can see everything, so apparently this is a problem with my computer, not blogger. Go figure. =)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Tag, You're It!
I was a little slow on the uptake and just noticed I was tagged by Lianna!

Here are the rules:
Link to the person who tagged you.
Mention the rules on your blog.
Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.
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1.) I rarely use a pencil...and I'm particular about my pens too. Every time I've ever written with a pencil I end up dragging my hand through it and then the lead marks end up on the side of my hand, and it totally drives me nuts.

2.) I only read the style and profiles section of the paper (also called 'opinions' section). Why? Because again, I HATE having paper ink on my hands. Ew.

3.) I refuse to walk on any garage floor without shoes. I walk around my house barefoot most of the time but garages freak me out.

4.) I can't go to sleep without a big glass (with a lid...I've got cats) of water next to me. If I do then I know without a doubt that I will wake up thirsty.

5.) Every day at 11am I give my cats their 'treats.' Its become so routine that they wait on the rug in front of the stove for a line...sitting.

6.) I'm not a phone talker, text, IM, yes. Phone, no.

OK, so I'm going to tag...





Mary Kate


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bunco, Babies and BIG ULTRASOUNDS!

Today was my monthly baby checkup. The heartbeat was great at 158...hey, that rhymes! Anyway, everything seemed perfect which was wonderful. I was a little worried after that fall I took on Saturday, but all is well! Now for the big news...our BIG ultrasound is scheduled for next Thursday!!! AUGH! Finally! I am so super excited!

Kelly and I had lunch today at where else than Granite City. Her little bump is so stinkin cute! Anyway, I asked her about maybe starting a bunco group as a way for me to get to know new people. Long story short I really pushed a lot of people away when Chris and I went through our 2 years of infertility. Several of our close friends have since moved, and because of our standing tradition of going out to lunch immediately after church, we don't participate in the young married Sunday School class that Kelly is in, so this seemed like a good idea. Kelly is such a go getter...I no sooner got home than I had an email from her (that she sent to a ton of people!) about starting a bunco group! Yay! Kelly, you are such a good friend! I'm so glad God brought us together!

I totally forgot my camera in my haste to get to my Dr appt so I apologize for not having pictures of us scarfing down Chicken Tortilla soup!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My wedding pics...

Today Kelly posted about her experiences as a bridesmaid. I've never been a bridesmaid. I had flower girl covered when I was young, but never bridesmaid. Instead I've often (5 times) assumed the role of wedding planner. So I thought I would share a few pics from my wedding:
My Gown: It was an Anne Barge design, and I am happy to say I was the first bride to purchase it. They actually brought it to a show I went to and I was the first person besides the model who wore it on the runway, to wear it. My Bridesmaids/Jr Bridesmaid: I had quite a dilemma here. My bridesmaids wore Vera Wang, but she didn't make a dress small enough for Shay, my sister in law (she was 12 at the time I think) so we had to find a dress that could be made in a matching fabric. You can't even tell!
Us at the reception...only Chris and I are paying attention!
Chris' grooms cake. He was so proud of his golf ball...
So it's your turn! I want to see pics from your wedding!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm sorry...what was that?

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

This is what happens when you tell the American team that you are going to "smash them." If you watch the Olympics (Chris and I loooooove them!!!) you probably witnessed this history making relay last night. The favored French team commented that they were going to smash the Americans, and that is what they came to do. Well, you can see how well that worked for them...

I adore the Olympics. During the summer I love watching gymnastics, swimming, diving, rowing and sometimes basketball. I really love the winter Olympics with ice skating, skiing, curling, snowboarding etc.

So have you been tuning in? Tonight is the men's gymnastic finals as well as the synchro diving finals. I believe Michael Phelps is racing in the 200m tonight too. Gotta love Michael Phelps!

On a totally unrealted note, Saturday it was raining pretty hard and Chris and I were out shopping. I totally busted it...I slipped and fell down fairly hard. I haven't had any bleeding or anything so I think I am going to wait for my appointment on Thursday to make sure everything's fine.

Friday, August 8, 2008


A couple of days ago, one of my favorite movies was on tv and I recorded it. I've watched it at least once everyday since! So I've decided to make a list of movies that we don't have (but that I want) in hopes that my husband will find it and take the hint...(wink, wink)...

Pride and Prejudice (2005 with Kiera Knightly... thats the one I keep watching)
Singing in the Rain
7 Brides for 7 Brothers
Little Women (with June Allyson)
Meet me in St. Louis

So you can probably tell that I love old movies. I grew up watching the classics and dancing around our family room in big skirts that my grandma made me. Old movies for me are like comfort food. I can watch a movie that I've seen thousands of times and I get this warm fuzzy feeling. If this little one is a girl, I hope that this is something we can share.

So what about you? What's your favorite movie? Do you like the old classics?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The In-Laws Kitchen Remodel

This weekend Chris was a busy man! We went to Van Buren to stay with his stepmom and dad while he remodeled their kitchen. When they found out that I was pregnant FIL really started pushing to move up here to be closer to us. Unfortunately, he's not overly handy (sorry Rodney!) so Chris has volunteered to help them update their home for resale. They built their house right before we built ours, so it's not old (4 yrs) but we wanted to make theirs stand out from the rest of their track.

We didn't have a big budget but as a designer I was thinking about the high impact projects, and what sells a home. We found granite tile on sale (reg $7 a tile, on sale for $2 a tile) and so we decided to rip out the blue laminate countertops and replace them with granite tile (which no one in their neighborhood has) and also, to add crown molding to the top of the cabinets. We also updated their sink and added a small breakfast bar area.

You can see the old blue countertops here:

A before pic of the tops of the cabinets:

The new granite bar area:
The new counters:

The new molding (it wasn't painted yet in this pic)

Total cost for the WHOLE project? LESS than $400! My hubby is so very talented! A couple of months ago he tiled their master shower too! We have a new more projects on the list and I'll post pics as he does them!

So...that is what we (and by we I mean he) did this weekend! What about you? Have you done any remodels lately? What's the biggest project you've tackled?

Monday, August 4, 2008

My FIRST Blog Award!!!

Oh wow! My new blogger buddy, Mary Kate has given me my very first blog award!! How cool is that? Mary Kate and I are due on the same day, and if you haven't visited her blog before, please go check it out! She is such a sweet person!

So now it's my turn to pass on the award!

Amanda and I used to work together at the world's largest retailer's home office! She and her husband are expecting their first baby, Andrew Cyler, and I love reading her blog!
Megan is a new blogger friend of mine, and I wish she lived closer to me because I think we'd be great IRL friends!
Tootie's blog is so funny! She has an amazing talent for writing and if you're in need of a good laugh, you need to check out some of her real life stories! They always bring a smile to my face!

Thank you again Mary Kate for sharing this award with me!!!
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