Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Teppan Edo: An Epcot Restaurant Review

Next up in my lineup of restaurant reviews is Teppan Edo. Located in the Japan section of Epcot, you'll want to check in outside and get your pager. Their pager works in the entire Japan section, so you'll have quite a bit to do while you wait. 

Once paged, you'll walk up a large set of cement stairs to the restaurant entrance. You'll be paged with the entire group of people who will be at your table. We have a local restaurant like Teppan Edo here, and they cram about 10-12 people at a grill. At Teppan Edo, there are 8 seats per grill, which gives everyone much more space. 

Once seated, a waitress (or team of two waitresses in our case) came to the table to get our drink orders, then brought us salads, soup for the kids and then beef rice. The salad was good, and typical of other Japanese teppenyaki restaurants I've been to. The soup they brought the kids was a miso soup and I thought it tasted like soap, but to each his own. The beef rice was DELISH! I loved it! I added some of the white sauce because I could drink that stuff, but Chris didn't and he still loved it. We placed our orders during this time and then the chef came out.

Our chef was fantastic. She started out with a oil Mickey. One major difference here is they don't light the grill on fire. All of the other similar restaurants I've been to do, so my kids were a little disappointed at that - but hey, they were at Disney for crying out loud. They'll live.  ;-)

Our chef was super friendly and funny and the kids loved her. Unlike most other grills (I feel like I keep saying that), the only things they cook live are the udon noodle/veggie mix and your meat. 

Sorry for the unattractive photo, but this was my dinner:

We were all pleased with the food. Although this didn't make our list of places to revisit, we did enjoy our dinner very much. Our table-mates were very friendly and had kids of similar ages, which was really nice.

The only thing I found lacking was their dessert options, but while you're in Epcot, there are so many other things you can go get! If you have the dining plan, you may as well use it to try something new, but if you don't like it, use your snack credits elsewhere for a great dessert. I'll share some of my favorites in another post.
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