Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Top 10 Workout Songs

So, as I've mentioned, I've been on a strict diet and exercise plan, and I love my elliptical! One question I get asked often is what I listen to while working out. Until recently, I'd been watching Pretty Little Liars, seasons 1-3 on my laptop, but season four started a few weeks ago, so I'm done with that. We have a TV in our office where my elliptical is, but we haven't hooked it up yet, so right now, I'm listening to music while I workout. It's important for me to have upbeat, fast paced songs. I love a good slow song but I can't work out to that! I find myself slowing down my steps!

Here are my top 10 favorite songs!

Little Black Submarines - The Black Keys
Bull In The Wild - Eastern Conference Champions
Can't Hold Us Back - Macklemore
I Love It - Icona Pop
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
Salty Sweet - MS MR
Monster - Lady Gaga
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy
Sweet Nothing - Calvin Harris (feat. Florence Welch)
Cuckoo - Adam Lambert

Also, as a cool down song, I love Keegan Allen's (he plays Toby on PLL) cover of Lana Del Ray's "Born to Die." It's not on spottily, but you can find it on Youtube.

What are your favorite workout songs?

Monday, June 24, 2013

My favorite things {last week}

So, for some reason, I was MIA all last week. It wasn't really intentional, it was more of a "I'll post that tomorrow" kind of thing that turned into the next day and the next...and anyway, here we are!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from this past week, because who doesn't love discovering new stuff?! 

I LOOOOVE this lemon soda from Fresh Market. Oh my worrrrd, is it good! My mom brought it over one night and it was the most refreshing thing I've ever drank. I'm not a "soda" person at all...I almost never drink coke or mountain dew or any of it, so the fact that I love this so much is funny!

Next up are these new Callisto wedges that I bought from Nordstroms. I had been hoping they would go on sale (I think they were $80 originally) and one day last week I checked, and they were down to $34! I had a gift card so I actually purchased them in red and yellow! They are super tall (I'm over 6' tall with these on!) but they are really, really comfortable; probably the most comfortable wedge I own.

My boys are always one of my favorite things. This weekend they went to stay with my parents and here they are doing one of their favorite things: Chuck-E-Cheese! My brave parents took them there on a Saturday (I avoid Saturdays at CEC like the plague). 

Chris and I got to have a fun date weekend, in which we drove to Cheesecake Factory which is 90 minutes away. We also did one of my other favorite things - four wheeling! I think most people would be surprised that I love it so much but it's seriously one of my favorite activities. We saw baby deer and full grown deer and it was just a ton of fun.

And lastly, I made one of my favorite things...Mom's Pasta Salad! If you're looking for the perfect summer side dish, you've got to make this. It's loaded with all the good stuff...artichoke hearts, salami, cheese, olives...and more. It's SO delish.

What are some of your favorite things?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Where did the week go?! House projects and more...

I'm having one of those, ohmygosh, it's Friday, how did that happen, moments. Anyone else? I feel like this week just flew by.

There have been so many little things going on and they all add up, and before I know it, the time has passed. I've been asked for an adoption update but I don't have one to give right now. We are doing something new (I may or may not have mentioned that...I can't recall) but I won't be sharing about that until after we're matched.

We've been busy working outside...Chris built this awesome bench thingy that holds two of his smokers and then he build a beautiful pergola. He is so, so handy. I love that! For his father's day gift, we got him an outdoor tv for our patio. We are already enjoying it!

(Ignore all the stuff in this pic...I'll have to take a better one after all the toys are put away!)

I forgot to mention this earlier, but a few weeks ago while Chris and I were out of town I developed an allergic reaction to my Burts Bees chapstick. I've been using that brand for years...probably at least since my senior year of high school. It took me forever to figure out that my chapstick was the cause. I've found a new favorite chapstick and it's all natural. The brand name is EOS and there are several flavors, but my current favorite is Summer Fruit.

Since I've switched over I've noticed a huge difference. I had to apply Burts Bees at least 20 times (or more, no joke!) a day. Chris called me a chapstick addict. Since I've switched, I apply the EOS chapstick maybe 4 times a day. My lips are smoother and thankfully, no longer swollen up like a duck. A big shout-out to my twitter friends for the suggestion!

I've also been doing some re-arranging of my Pinterest boards. What do you think?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pinterest Picks - 5 Sites I found and love

You're going to be really surprised by what I'm about to say. I. Love. Pinterest. Whaaaa? Yes, you heard me right. I love it, as evidenced by the many posts I've written on the subject. Examples? Sure.

Check out these:
How to Use Pinterest
Best of the Best Dream Home Pins!
Pins that WORKED!
My Favorite Pins

And be sure to follow me on Pinterest by clicking here!

Today, I'm sharing 5 of my favorite new websites - all of which, I found via Pinterest. I hope you enjoy them!

Stylin Stix Studio
(Image via their website)

First up, this cute little site has adorable party supplies. You can personalize most of it with your monogram, image or theme. They even have super cute cupcake liners!

The Twisty Noodle

This is my new preschool BFF site. You can print out coloring and tracing pages (and lots more). The best part? You can personalize it to your childs name! Here's the one I've made for Brayden!

The Rusted Vegetable Garden

I love using my raised garden bed that Chris built for me. The problem was I knew nothing about anything when it came to vegetable and herb gardening. I've found so many useful tips on this site! This is a picture of my garden today! I'm growing red and yellow onions, garlic, strawberries, cilantro, jalepenos, parsley, chives, mint and more!

Sweet Pickins
(Image via her website - check it out via the link above!)

One of the big trends right now is refinishing furniture. And while there are tons of tutorials online, this site seems to have it all. She is so talented and her site is the perfect place to get inspired!

Smitten Designs Free Printables
(Images from Smitten Designs site - please visit them via the link above to find all these awesome printables!)

Who doesn't love a good printable? They are so fun and easy to use, and can dress up any room. There are some super cute ones to be found on this site! Check out these great examples!

So what sites have you discovered on Pinterest? 

Leave a comment and share them, along with a link to your Pinterest account! Remember, you can find me on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter! I'd love to chat!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Asian Turkey Burgers

I love ground turkey. I use it all the tostadas, tacos, chili...basically anytime I can. I also love using it to make a healthier burger. Here's my latest turkey burger recipe.

Asian Turkey Burgers

Yield: 4 large burgers or 6 small burgers

1 lb lean (all white) ground turkey meat
3 Tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
2 teaspoons sriracha
4 Tablespoons finely minced green onions (white and green parts)
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 cup grated monterey jack cheese
Salt and Pepper

Mix all ingredients together with your hands. Form into patties. Cook on the grill until desired doneness is reached! Serve on a whole wheat bun.

Note: I usually love cheese on top of my burger but because of the grated cheese in these burgers, you don't need to add more!

Be sure to check out my 6 Ingredient Burgers with (copycat) In-N-Out Spread Sauce!
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