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150 NEW Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone!

I was overwhelmed (to say the least!) by the response I received last year to my 150 Stocking Stuffers post. Since I posted it, I've received dozen of emails asking me to do it again this year, and I didn't think I could come up with 150 new ideas...but I have! I've tried not to repeat any ideas but if I missed something, I apologize!

And for those who submitted ideas, I've included a few of the ones you sent me! I've also included links to a lot of the items I've found, as well as stores that you can check. Most of these ideas are more specific and less generic, so if you're confused about what something is, google it! You can always leave me a comment as well, and I'll do my best to reply quickly! Hopefully that will help you this year with purchasing and finding inspiration for unique gifts! 

Remember, you can find lots of great deals on gifts. Sites like Zulily, Groopdealz and RueLaLa often offer great designer pieces, kids clothing, toys, accessories etc for half or more off. Be sure to check them daily! Very Jane offers discounted Etsy deals daily as well - I've purchased multiple things from them! Another great tip is to use Swagbucks. Make a free account here and use it as your search engine year-round. You'll randomly win points as you search. You can cash those points in for giftcards - I usually get the $5 Amazon cards. I almost never pay for Kindle books by doing this! I wrote a whole tutorial on how to do this here. Last, but not least, if you do your shopping through Ebates, you earn cash back! It's great!

Also, I should mention that these gifts vary in price - from things you can make yourself with stuff you've got on hand to well over $100. Why? Some people do stocking gifts and that's all, so they are willing to spend a lot on those gifts. I've tried to give a wide range of unique ideas as well as price points. I hope you'll find them useful!

Also, if you do Elf on The Shelf, check out these 25 great ideas for toddlers!

So, by popular request, here are 150 NEW Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

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2011 List of 150 Stocking Stuffers
2013 List of 150 Stocking Stuffers

1.) A "see you next year" note from your Elf on the Shelf for the kids

2.) Camera lens hood

3.) Juice pack for iPhone (extra battery life)

4.) Silicon coated whisks (they won't tear up your pans! See here!)

5.) K Cups for the Keurig addict

6.) Chalkboard paint (perfect for the crafter in your life)

7.) Character bandaids (my boys love the Cars bandaids!)

8.) Monogrammed apron for kids or adults (available in lots of places: check etsy and Williams Sonoma)

9.) Personalized clip board (all over Etsy)

10.) A gift certificate for a photography class (I've also seen classes offered online if you don't have a local studio that offers classes!)

11.) TOMS sunglasses (with every pair you purchase, Toms helps give sight to a person in need. I have them and love mine!)

12.) Style tacks for bulletin boards (check Ballard Designs for cute ones!)

13.) Personalized glass shadow box (example)

14.) Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups (they only ones I've found that don't leak.)

15.) Single slice cake cutter (example here)

16.) Great smelling soap - I highly recommend L'Occitane Shea Butter Verbena

17.) Ice cream scoop for cookies (available almost everywhere now - Wal-Mart, Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, Target etc)

18.) Monogrammed earphone case (great for men, Pottery Barn has a great one)

19.) Leggings (perfect for babies, girls, teens and grown ups! I love my fleece lined MeMoi leggings)

20.) The Hunger Games dvd

21.) Specialty popcorn. Google Uptown Popcorn of Dallas, I've had theirs and it's awesome!

22.) Seed sticks for marking out your garden (available all over, just google it!)

23.) Silver serving set

24.) Camera lens cleaning kit

25.) Knit ear warmer (available on Etsy)

26.) A jar of Nutella, or the new Nutella snack packs

27.) For those who love to host parties, try a napkin ring set!

28.) Batteries for all of the toys/electronics everyone will be getting!

29.) Personalized jewelry roll, which keeps your jewelry organized in one place (perfect for traveling) - You can find them often here

30.) Salt box; a popular trend for foodies (try Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table)

31.) Men's leather cuff with personalized plate. Use a favorite saying or verse. Examples here.

32.) A mother's necklace (with kids names and birthstones)

33.) Golf putter lazer

34.) Baby closet dividers

35.) Compact portable speakers (here's a good, inexpensive example!)

36.) A Devotional (Jesus Calling and The Love Dare are both great)

37.) Gym or yoga class gift certificate

38.) USB Heating blanket; great for a freezing cold office! Example here

39.) Crocheted infinity scarf (lots are on etsy, and also in boutique stores)

40.) Personalized guitar pick (lots of cool ones are on Etsy!)

41.) Kids show DVD's (Bubble Guppies, Dora, Mike the Knight etc)

42.) A subscription to a favorite magazine

43.) Scentsy warmer kit (a great way to support friends who sell Scentsy!)

44.) Sprinkles Cupcake baking mix

45.) Engraved dog collar (for the pet lover)

46.) Monogrammed lovie for a baby/infant. Available widely on Etsy.

47.) Ammo - for the hunter in your life

48.) Bubble necklace, a women's fashion trend. I bought mine for about $16 on Amazon

49.) Monthly onesie stickers (for infants - you take their picture with the sticker each month)

50.) Paci clips for babies (clips the paci to their shirt so they can't lose it - lots on etsy)

51.) Personalized superhero cape - they are often on Zulily and you can also find them on Etsy.

52.) Alphabet magnets for kids

53.) Mulling spices for making your own cider

54.) Mini tripod

55.) Monogrammed tumbler (available all over etsy)

56.) Clip on reading light

57.) This personalized love letter necklace is a great gift from a husband to a wife!

58.) A personalized jersey (your favorite team with your name on the back)

59.) Fun socks - argyle print, leopard etc.

60.) At home microdermabrasion kit

61.) Ball cap - Character, favorite team, favorite brand etc.

62.) Dual Charge (1 cord to charge 2 devices, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. Example here)

63.) iPad Smart Case (google it for tons of examples)

64.) Boot socks (knit socks that stick out over leggings/jeggings and show above the top of boots)

65.) Charitable donation (my favorites are Arkansas Children's Hospital, Arkansas Baptist Children's Home and Heifer International)

66.) Coffee cozy; tons of handmade ones on etsy. Great for the Starbucks addicts!

67.) Safari Coat Hooks - these would be great in a kids room too!

68.) Toffee South Poles (via Williams Sonoma)

69.) Pacifier pouch (to keep extra paci's clean - it attached to your diaper bag. Check Babies R Us and Etsy)

70.) Mod Podge (again, for the crafter in your life! Kids love this for easy crafts too!)

71.) Gift certificate for a massage, facial, microdermabrasion, nail polish etc.

72.) Monogrammed leather football koozie from Pottery Barn - these are actually really nice looking!

73.) The very best truffles in my opinion, via La Maison du Chocolat, available at Williams Sonoma Online.

74.) A great book (examples: Divergent, Pride and Prejudice, The Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games).

75.) An gift card - you can use it to buy just about anything!

76.) Mercury glass votives (Pottery Barn has them!)

77.) A nice facial wash (Kate Somerville is my favorite; available at Sephora)

78.) Burts Bee's tinted chapstick

79.) Call me cards

80.) Handmade coasters (lots of great tutorials are available - just take 4*4 tile and mod podge scrapbooking paper onto it. Do a clear coat to protect the paper!)

81.) Homemade coloring book (you can find TONS of free printable coloring pages online!)

82.) Pastry brushes (available just about everywhere)

83.) Silicone spatulas

84.) Drill bits

85.) Bath crayons for kids

86.) Christmas PJ's - I love the ones that Old Navy sells. They also come in tall & petite.

87.) iConverter Scanner (via Brookstone) scans documents right into your iPad

88.) Disney Cinderella Collection nail polish for girls

89.) Silicone mixing bowl spouts (example here)

90.) Have you seen those SomeeCards all over Pinterest and Facebook? If you know someone who loves those (they are hilarious!), try this 365 calendar - a new SomeeCard everyday!

91.) Freeze It hairspray (THE hairspray of the South, haha!)

92.) A nice set of makeup brushes (Sephora carries great ones)

93.) Vintage football beer stein - Pottery Barn has a cool one online

94.) Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate Mix (available at Williams Sonoma)

95.) Fabric bookmark (check etsy!)

96.) Wine foil cutter (Williams Sonoma has a nice one)

97.) Hair bow making kit for girls

98.) Fingerless mittens for women (available all over etsy, and I bought a pair from Very Jane)

99.) Tickets to an art museum

100.) A crayon roll for kids, available on Etsy

101.) Monogrammed wine bottle totes (Hay Market Designs has some cute ones!)

102.) Infinity jewelry - a popular jewelry trend. Search it on Etsy for great, inexpensive pieces.

103.) A favorite (or even secret!) family recipe hand-written on a nice recipe card

104.) For the man in your life, a Bosch cordless mini drill, available at Lowe's (my husband has one and uses it all the time)

105.) A homemade batch of Saltine Toffee (trust me, it's SO quick and husband even makes it!)

106.) Know someone who loves to play the guitar? Then get them this Guitar Pick maker. They can make their own picks!

107.) Even though it looks like a Swiss Army knife, it's NOT. It's a flash drive. It just looks cooler. Great for guys!

108.)  Herb scissors are a great for any gardener/home cook. Check Cooks Garden.

109.) Personalized placemat for kiddos. Etsy has a lot of really cute ones.

110.) A personalized mirror compact

111.) The iShower is a cool device that streams music while you shower - it is also compatible with Androids.

112.) For the kids: Cars AppMate. I bought this for my older son and he is going to love it! I purchased it at Target and I know Toys R Us has it to. It's characters from Cars and they interact with an iPad app.

113.) Mini individual steak thermometers are great for any grill master (available at Williams Sonoma and other great stores!)

114.) Reusable market totes, perfect for the farmers market, grocery store and to keep things organized in the car.

115.) Homemade vanilla extract (The Barefoot Contessa has a great and simple recipe)

116.) A skin (its like a cover) for a laptop

117.) Inflatable boot stuffers (holds the shape of your boot when you aren't wearing it). Just Solutions makes some affordable ones.

118.) Know someone who makes a lot of freezer meals? Try a bag holder from Lillian Vernon for them.

119.) A giftcard for car washes

120.) A small bottle of a favorite perfume

121.) iPhone projector - sells them!

122.) Silk pillowcases

123.) Personalized dog leash and collar

124.) Game played baseball cufflinks (available at

125.) Monogrammed diaper covers for babies (Etsy)

126.) Custom embosser - emboss your recipes, books, envelopes etc!

127.) Waterproof shower notepad

128.) Piping bags and tips

129.) A handmade wristlet (check Etsy) perfect for holding cash, cards and a cell phone

130.) Popcorn boxes filled with corn kernels and popcorn salt in it

131.) Dog biscuit cutters for those who like to make their own dog treats

132.) iPhone photo printer from

133.) Turtle wax is great - especially for a new driver!

134.) Homemade sugar body scrub - recipes are all over the internet for this one

135.) Name rings, using your kids names, a great gift for any mother, via

136.) A snow globe - I used to get these as a kid and I loved them

137.) Small file organizer (Crate and Barrel has them)

138.) A travel sized set of shampoo, conditioner and hairspray

139.) Digital golf scorecard

140.) Another great gift for guys is a volt meter, available at home improvement stores (lets you know if you're dealing with a hot wire)

141.) A mini camera zoom lens for your iPhone

142.) At home gel manicure kit (which lasts longer than traditional polish)

143.) BBQ tank gauge

144.) A DVD set of a favorite TV show (Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Dawson's Creek etc)

145.) A LED magnetic grill light is great for anyone who loves their grill, available at Lowe's

146.) Rib rub and BBQ sauce combo (we like Famous Dave's)

147.) Monogrammed purse hook

148.) Address ink stamp (you can find them on here a lot)

149.) Wireless fitness tracker (via Brookstone) - great for those who will be making New Years resolutions! It tracks exercise, calories, etc.

150.) A thank you note from Santa for being such a good boy/girl and for the milk and cookies!

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