Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Opps! I was tagged by Krysta (awhile ago - so sorry about that!) and Amanda!1.) Random - My brother and I were born on the same day 7 years apart. Nope, it was not planned that way, we were both preemies.
2.) I hate breakfast. My doctor insists that I eat it, so we compromised. The only thing I will eat is a chocolate chip pancake!
3.) I cannot drink the same thing all day. My drinks during any given day usually include the following: chocolate milk, V8-Splash, water, tea and an IBC root beer.
4.) I'm super shy/self conscious. If you read my blog, you've probably figured that out by now! I get embarrassed so easily!
5.) I'm addicted to Burt Bees chapstick. Seriously. I freak out if I don't have it!
6.) I hate all pictures of myself. I don't look good in any of them!
7.) I feed all the stray neighborhood cats. Yes, I am the crazy cat lady. Mainly I have a huge heart for animals. All 5 of my pets are adopted/rescued, and I have to take care of any and all dogs and cats that show up look hurt/hungry/abused etc.

So I tag...
Amanda Ledford
Mary Kate

Oh and totally off topic - can anyone tell me how to program my list of blogs to show them in the order they were updated? Thanks!


Emily said...

Hey Jenna---- I was going thru your post and saw an adorable shirt.. the one that says "Future razorback fan"
Where did you get that shirt??
I have a friend having a baby and want to find her one!!
Happy Tuesday!

Emily said...

Bye the way... you look great in all your pictures!! No reason you should hate pictures of yourself! you are very photogenic!!! Silly you:)But I understand the feeling:)

Jenna said...

There are several here: http://t-shirts.cafepress.com/razorback_white-maternity-t-shirts
It looks like they no longer make the exact one I posted! Sorry!

TheFancyFritter said...

Hi! I'm having a giveaway on my blog that I think you may love! Come join and I hope you win! Thanks so much! :)

Kelly said...

Jenna - you have to go back in and just do your links over again - they have a new way to do them and it gives you the option of adding the time last updated. It took a little time upfront but it saves me so much time because now I just read the blogs that have been updated in stead of clicking on them all. :-)

Megan L Hutchings said...

Chocolate chip pancakes are delicious ;)!

Mandy said...

I hate pictures of myself too! That is why you will very rarely see one on my blog.

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