Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve and Eve.

I can't believe I said Eve three times in the title, but there you have it.

I'm breaking Christmas up into 2 posts because I don't think I'll have time to write it all in one sitting! Currently, Brayden just went down for his nap and Brody is asleep in his bouncy next to me. This golden silence usually lasts only a very, VERY brief time!

So on Christmas Eve Eve (the 23rd), Chris' mom and stepdad came over and we opened gifts with them. First we went to Olive it only our Olive Garden or all of them that seem to designate part of the restaurant to people with young kids? I always feel like we're at Gymboree or something instead of OG, because they sit us in the kiddie room (understandably, seeing as we've got 2 young ones!).

Anyway, off my soapbox. We came back to our house to open gifts.

Brody opening his first presents on his first Christmas Eve Eve!

My MIL got me this neat printer that you can hook your camera or your phone up to! I can't wait to use it! The boys, of course, received way too many gifts including brand new wardrobes. My little clothes horse (Brayden) was so excited!

On Christmas Eve we headed out to our families cabin, per tradition. I didn't take many pics, but I did get the boys in their little outfits.


Santa...I mean Brody, in his "Baby's First Christmas" outfit!
More later! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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