Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Brody!

I find this hard to believe, but on Saturday my baby turned THREE!

We had his party on Friday after Brayden's preschool Thanksgiving program because the family was already in town for that. We used to do the big parties and invite all of our friends and while that's fun, we decided to just do family parties while they're still young. I know the time will come when they want to have big parties with their friends so for now we're enjoying the low key family get togethers.

We got BBQ from one of our favorite local places and I made a cake. He got tons of gifts almost all of which had something to do with Monsters University or Jake and the Neverland pirates which are his two favorite things at the moment. 

Later that day we drove up to Branson to visit the outlets and the Branson Landing. Brody picked the Bass Pro restaurant and it was pretty good. Afterwards he wanted a soy hot chocolate from Starbucks so that's where we headed. 

The next day was his actual birthday and he wanted bowling and pizza, so that's what we did! That evening we went to the lighting of our town square with our family. He had a great birthday doing all his favorite things!

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