Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Valentines Day in iPhone Photos

I wish Valentines Day was on a Friday every year! It seems more fun and special when it falls on a Friday.

Anyway, I went upstairs on Friday morning to find this in Brayden's room:

We say that Brayden is going to be an architect because he is constantly building massive structures in his room with lincoln logs. The things he can put together are really amazing. He also loves spelling things with his lincoln logs. Chris helped him spell "I Love Mommy" and he also made a heart. Awww! 

Brayden had school on Friday so Chris, Brody and I went and picked him up for a special family lunch date. 

We took him back to school for his Valentines Day party. Brody had his party on Wednesday [I'm Brody's homeroom mom this year, so I did the all would have been proud of me getting my craft on with the 3 year olds ;-) ]

That night we had planned to go eat at our new favorite restaurant, Chuy's, but even though we got there at 4:30 it was PACKED. It opened last month and the frenzy still hasn't died down. Instead, we grabbed takeout from Chuy's and ate it at home. 

 These are my Valentines cards from the boys. Brayden picked out a wonder woman card and Brody went with one of our favorites, Doc McStuffin's.

I promised to tell you what I got Chris, but first I have to show you what he got me. Something you might not know about me is I'm obsessed with all things British. We're redoing my office at home in Union Jack everything. Toms are my favorite shoes (I love their message) and the Union Jack is one of my favorite designs, so he had Toms custom painted for me. I LOVE THEM!!!!! 

I got Chris a couple of things. I know I left you hanging on my post of ideas (here)! The first thing is this 20*30 map. It's mounted on foam board so we can put push pins in it and map out all the places we want to visit. I consider this our version of a bucket list. ;-)

 I also got him this tshirt because I just couldn't resist...

And his last gift hasn't arrived yet but I ordered him the leather cuff from this post and had the longitude latitude coordinates of the church we got married in stamped onto the metal.

Chris knew I'd been dying to watch Austenland since reading the book (you can see my review here, if you like) so after the kids went to sleep, we rented it. The movie was cute, though it didn't stick strictly to the book.

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!
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