Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

Do you ever get your days all messed up? The kids were home today so I knew it was a Tuesday but I literally went all morning thinking it was Monday. Somehow I completely lost yesterday until I stopped and really thought about it.

I was going to post about Mother's Day on Monday but Tuesday will just have to work!

We spent Mother's Day morning at church and then joined my parents and some friends for lunch. After that we came home and Chris asked what I wanted to do. What I really wanted was to stay home, grill some burgers and clean out the kids rooms and the playroom. 

He thought I was nuts. Or joking. Or both. 

I was totally serious and so that's what we did!

Here's us at lunch:

I cleaned out TONS of stuff to donate and sell. I actually took a full carload to a place yesterday and I still have more to get rid of. It feels good to have their closets and toys cleaned out though. It's one of those things that sits around in the back of my head and bothers me until I get it done, but it's so time consuming that I knew I'd need a full afternoon to accomplish everything.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day! I know it was a difficult day for some and you were in my prayers!
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