Thursday, January 8, 2015

We're going to Mexico! And we picked a resort!

Several months ago I asked for help in picking a resort in the Mayan Riviera. You guys are so great! You gave us so many wonderful recommendations and we spent time researching each and every one. We are going next month to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary which is actually in October of 2015, but we won't be able to go then. Apparently, February is one of the best months to go to this area and we don't mind escaping the freezing cold Arkansas weather for the warm sunny beaches!

So, we finally made a decision (that is the hard part, right?!) and we picked...

The El Dorado Casitas Royale!

So this is a really cool resort and several of you commented and emailed me about it. We loved the spaciousness of the rooms, the huge pools, the nice looking beach, the amazing spa menu, the awesome restaurant choices and we loved the fact that the casitas are adults only. 

The property shares restaurants with the El Dorado Royale which is a more traditional style hotel that is family friendly. We get to use all of their amenities and restaurants while staying on the adults only side. I think there are some adults only restaurants as well, which is nice when you aren't taking your own kids with you.

Originally, we thought this resort would be out of our budget, however, we ended up getting an amazing deal that includes a private dinner for us on the beach and two spa treatments. These are both things that we had on our wish list for the trip and we had figured them into the budget so between getting those for free and getting a really great price through a travel agent, it ended up falling into our budget! (If you want our travel agents info, send me an email - we ended up saving a ton!).

Both pictures courtesy of Trip Advisor

If you're looking for more suggestions on hotels in the area, check out my original post - there are lots of great comments on it!
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