Friday, February 24, 2017

Raglan Road Review: A Disney Springs Restaurant

Every time we visit Disney, we try to eat somewhere new. We have our old standbys, family favorites that we have to eat at every time, but this year, we added a few new restaurants, including Raglan Road.

Raglan Road is located in Disney Springs (which is awesome, by the way). If you're on the Disney Dining Plan, you can eat here for one table service credit each. They also have a quick service restaurant called Cookes of Dublin, though we didn't eat there.

The inside of this place is so, so cool!! From the moment we walked in, we knew we'd found something special! There's a stage on the far right of the photo below, and a small, single person stage  below the left center chandelier. 

They have Irish singers and dancers, and they even picked a few kids to join them on stage. If you know my kids in real life, you'll know who ran up there and who stayed at the table. ;-) I'll give you a hint; Brody's nickname is Crazy (or Trouble...just depends on the day).

They bring Irish soda bread to the table to start along with a beer and oil dip. Chris liked the oil but the kids and I requested butter. The soda bread was so good!

For dinner, Chris had fish and chips. While it was very good, he prefers the fish and chips at Epcot in the UK. I had braised beef and it was outstanding. I loved the presentation!

Since we were on the dining plan, we also received dessert. I had the flourless chocolate cake. It was good but not great. I only took two or three bites, but in fairness I was pretty full from my entree.

Chris had the peach and apple crumble. It's totally not my thing, so I didn't even try it, but he said it was just okay. If you were paying out of pocket I would recommend skipping dessert here and instead getting something from Sprinkles Cupcakes or the Ghiradelli ice cream shop.

Overall, we will definitely be going back to Raglan Road. It has earned a place on our favorites list because it's just so cool! They have a bar that was directly behind our table that they brought over from Ireland and it's 195 years old! The food was pretty good, though not our favorite, but the atmosphere is what makes this place!

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