Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meet the Kids...

I am a huge animal lover, and I've rescued as many animals as Chris will allow! So, let me introduce you!
These are "The Boys," otherwise known as Buster and Mossy. I bet you can't guess who named Mossy.... =)
Yup, Chris named him after camo (mossy oak). We adopted him about 2 years ago from a family that was moving. We adopted Buster about a year ago. His story is long and sad. The short version is that he was friends with a neighbor boy who ended up drowning. Police reports show that Buster tries to pull him from the water but was unsuccessful. His previous owner felt terrible and wanted to get rid of him. The grandparents of the child took him but couldn't keep him. Chris had Mossy with him (the boys go to work with Chris, who is a project manager) and ended up at Buster's owners business and ended up bringing him home.
Buster (right) and Mossy (left) fighting over their favorite duck.

These are the cats. In order from left to right there is Sox, Roscoe and Gracie.

I rescued Sox from a falling down barn when he was 3 weeks (about 5 years ago). Roscoe was a stray in our neighborhood and we got him about 8 months ago. Gracie has a funny story. When we were building our house we stopped by to check on it every night when I got off work. One night, after the painters has just finished painting the inside of the house, we stopped by and our builder was here (which was odd because it was 7pm or so). I walked in and heard a terrible noise. Gracie and her brother (who didn't make it) had been trapped in between the first and second floor of our house. She was about 4 weeks old. I asked the builder to rip out the wall in the closet to rescue them, and I took her home. Chris nursed her back to health (since I was working 70+++ hours a week) and that's that!

I also feed all the strays in the neighborhood (which I don't think my neighbors like, but that's too bad!). Right now I have "Mama Kitty" and a litter of four living in a cat bed on my porch!

Do you have any pets? Any great stories? Are you thinking of adding pets to your family?

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Meredith said...

AWW your dogs and cats are so cute! Those stories about your pets are interesting! Cute! My dog, Cocoa still lives with my parents. She is a chocolate lab. Shes hyper but so sweet! When Russell and I get a house, we will get a dog. We're thinking about a cockapoo!

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