Monday, June 16, 2008

Ode' to Chili's ... and my new favorite show.

I love Chili's. Even more, I love their chips, salsa and queso. In the last week I've probably been there 5 times. Terrible, I know. But I'm still a bit under the weather and didn't really feel like cooking. You know how that is. Chili's was the only thing that sounded remotely appealing.

Today I met my friends Kelly and Rachel at Chili's for lunch. I had Chicken Fajita Quesadillas which are another favorite of mine. Have you ever had them? If not, you soooo need to try them next time you go. (I just paused while writing this to go heat up some leftover slices...ohhh so good!).

And now for the 'new favorite show' part...

I bet some of you watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I just started watching it a couple of days ago, while laying in bed feeling yucky. I really, really liked it so I DVR'ed a bunch of episodes. It's amazing to me how their family operates on a daily basis. I've learned so much from watching how they handle the situations that are thrown at them.

I tried to upload a picture but Blogger won't let me open the window. Weird! Maybe later!


M.A. said...

That is one of my favorite shows...actually I am watching it right now! Love them!!

Kelly said...

Yes I love Jon and Kate. I was just telling my mom about it today. She had never heard of it which I couldn't believe! I can't imagine having all those kids the same age.
I had fun with you today at lunch!

Pam said...

Coco and I love Jon & Kate. Did you see the early years last night. I wish I could be as organized as Kate....
Also love Chili's Quesadillas!!!YUM

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