Wednesday, December 3, 2008

40 days and a new look

A new look for my blog that is!

A huge ol' thanks to Krysta for posting about Scrapblogs! Wow, that was a lot of fun! I made the header to go with my old background but then I didn't like them together so I've switched backgrounds and now I need a new header! But it's 12:30 and I haven't had lunch so it's going to have to wait! Check back in later!

And....drumroll please....drumroll....(you will totally get that if you've seen Christmas Vacation)

I have a maximum of 40 days left before I meet my little Brayden! Woo-Hoo! I know my ticker says more but that is because it's based off of my due date of Jan 18, not my induction date of Jan 12.

My extended family now knows of my plans to induce (frankly, I had no intention of telling them, not because I didn't want to but because I didn't want any comments...) and I've gotten my first email about the dangers of induction. I've decided to ignore it, and my mom said that if they write her she will handle it. You gotta love mom.

Awhile ago I asked for prayer for a friend who might be dealing with breast cancer. She met with the surgeon yesterday who reviewed her mammogram and he believes that it is a 4 out 5 chance that it will be cancer. She has a biopsy next week. If it is indeed cancer, then they've thankfully caught it early. I know that they would covet your prayers. A very special thank you goes out to all of those who've kept them in your prayers.


Caryn C. Foresee said...

How did you get the cutest background for your blog? I am not loving the pink template, my blog spot needs a boost!

Robin Lynn said...

Ooooooh girl don't you let anyone question your plan. Hence the word YOUR.

New blog looks great by the way!!

Emily said...

your new blog looks darling! I love it! where did you go to make it?? PS- people can say what they say but.. it is your baby and you do what makes you the happiest!!! sometimes ppl need to leave their opinions to themselves!!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I love your new look! Very Festive!!!

Try not to get discouraged when people share their opinions. I was induced and everything went smoothly ;)!

I will definitely be praying for your friend. Cancer is such a scary thing!

Jennifer said...

Cute Christmas blog! I love scrapblog!

Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite movies. My family watches it every Christmas Eve. I love it!

My thoughts on induction are the DR wouldn't do it if it wasn't safe. He went to medical school. He has to have some smarts up in that head!! Hang in there! I hated those comments.

Lianna Knight said...

Love the new look...I'm getting ready to check it out myself :)

I'll keep you friend and her family in my prayers...

And YEAH for only 40 more days!

Leanne said...

Hi Jenna~~

You don't know me but I've been a lurker on your blog for quite some time now. I found you thru Kelly's blog, who I also lurk on!!

I'm on permanent hiatus from posting on my blog, but i just had to comment on your post about your induction...

I am currently 33 weeks into my 10th pregnancy, and this will be our 7th child on earth. I have been induced 5 times. I wanted to tell you that, if you have diligent nurses, and if your body is showing signs of being ready for labor, then induction (for me) always went so well. I too read all of the horror stories, and well meaning friends scared me to death with their stories as well! But my inductions went along just perfect.

I wanted to reassure you that not everyone's inductions are horrible! If your nurses keep track of you well, then you shouldn't have a terrible time.

You just need to do whatever you feel lead to do. Whatever your doctor feels is best for you and Brayden is what you ought to do. Don't let anyone out there (keep in mind that they aren't doctors) sway you!

God bless you and keep you and may He give you a peace that passes all understanding as you labor to meet your new first son! What a blessing, a first born son!!

(by the way, I'm due on Jan 19th)

(And by the way again, if you ever wanted to email me for some seasoned parent advice, I'd be glad to get an email from you! My email is mamas1angel513 at msn dot com.)

Sorry for the lengthy comment, I had a lot to say!!

Leanne in Longview

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing about scrapblog. My blog needed a new look. I'm so excited to see when our babies choose to arrive. BTW.. I picked January 10th because I want you to be able to experience the excitement and rush of going into labor naturally. It truly is amazing, but I know the Lord will allow whatever to happen, to happen. So I'm praying for you!

Shannon said...

Love the new look and just keep ignoring the emails and comments! :)

Robin Lynn said...

Three words for you...The Children's Place. Got Cade's Christmas Family Pic outfit there. Matching tie and vest sold me. And the socks are argyle too which I LOVE!!!!! My sister for him a very similar outfit from Crazy8. Cool cute store too.

Can't wait to see how you dress you little boy!! He is going to be PRECIOUS!!!!

Don't let anyone tell you girls are more fun to dress than boys...I disagree!!! heheheheh

Mrs.D said...

Love your new blog look. I was also inspired to change my blog a bit too.

Jen said...

Hi Jenna...I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I've been lurking for a while (saw you a couple different blogs...Krysta, Kelly), and I'm trying to make it a point to say something to all the sweet girls out there whose blogs I like! I know how excited you are about meeting your baby boy so soon! It's hard to believe my Caroline is 4 months old today! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy...milk it for all it's worth! :) Stop by and visit my blog when you get a chance...

Michelle said...

I was induced for both of my kids. By the way, I am visiting from Amanda's site.
I have 2 great boys. It will be fine.
Don't worry :)

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