Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The City

So....Did you watch the premier of The City last night?

I admit it...I am hooked on The Hills. Sad, I know. It's my guilty pleasure I guess. Though to be honest, 1/2 of the show isn't even words, it's just blank stares!

Anyway, I had mixed feelings about The City but of course I tuned in. Whitney was never that huge of a character on The Hills so I really didn't know what to expect of her. It seemed like the show was filled with more blank stares than The Hills...blank stares and every two seconds we got to hear Olivia ask where Jay was. Olivia...She really got on my nerves. Very, very fake. Not to be judgemental about it, but I it really got on my nerves that every two seconds she was saying how she is having this party, or she personally knows this person or whatever.
Back to Whitney....I'm not sure how much substance she has. She seems like a nice person but I just don't know why I should continue to watch the show - if it is because Olivia is going to cause drama then count me out.
So did you watch? What did you think?


Megan L Hutchings said...

I thought about watching but I just could not do it...LOL! What is even funnier to me is the show "Bromance!" We won't be watching it but the title cracks me up ;)!

Kelly said...

Forgot to watch but I'm sure I'll catch the re-runs. I can't look away. ha!
Hope you are feeling okay! We are getting so close!!!! :-)

Shannon said...

I have it DVRed so I haven't seen it yet. I'm sure I will watch the whole season though. :) If only to see if she ditches that band guy. He seems like a Justin Bobby to me! :)

Unknown said...

I'm a huge Hills fan, but I just didn't have an interest in following Whitney's life at all. I'm much more interested in watching Spencer act like a fool! And I have the hots for Brody, but I think the idea of his show is really lame!

p.s...I'll have to check out those books you mentioned. Thanks :)

tootie said...

I haven't watched the City yet. But yes, I'm (sadly) hooked on The Hills, too!

Amy said...

shoot, I forgot to watch it. Probably because someone was watching football.

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