Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon and Kate..Your Thoughts?

Yes - TWO posts in ONE day! If you missed Brayden's First Flight, see the post below this one!

I'm sure you're all caught up on the Jon and Kate drama, but if you aren't here's an overview:

- Jon was caught partying with a 23 year old school teacher. He says it was innocent.

- Above-mentioned teachers brother (who she lives with) says it wasn't so innocent.

- Kate spends about 1/2 of each month gone doing speaking engagements and book tours (she was here on Mother's Day weekend).

- Jon no longer works outside of the home, but stays at home to take care of the kids.

- Kate has been accused of having a relationship with her bodyguard.

Those are the major points. There's a lot of other "stuff" but that should catch you up if you aren't following the story.

So what do you think about this?

Did Jon cheat?

Did Kate?

Will they stay together?

Can their marriage be fixed?

Will you keep watching the show?

Personally, I think they can overcome anything - they just have to want to. I think Kate has some major changes to make. I would never, ever speak to my husband the way she speaks to Jon. As for Jon, he needs to step up and take control a little more and not be so pushed around by Kate. I don't think Kate cheated on Jon and I don't know what I think about him cheating on her. I sure hope he didn't.

I watched an interview on the Today show with Jodi and Kevin (Kate's brother and his wife). If you've watched the show over the last several years, you'll remember them - they lived down the street from J and K. Jodi seems like the nicest person. She used to watch the kids every Friday (and she has 4 of her own!). Apparently, the show offered to pay her and Kate threw a fit and refused to have much to do with them after that. (You can read about that on Jodi's sisters blog). Anyway, they are concerned for the kids, and I agree. I can't imagine dragging them through this - and if they do divorce it will be so overly documented on their show.

So what are your thoughts?


Sarah said...

Ok, first I just have to say that I LOVE this show!!!
Its so hard to know sometimes whats true and whats not. So many times I feel like,not to mention any names *ahem People Mag.*, tear down and destroy people and their lives/family/marriages then ridicule and say how awful they are when things go wrong. Those situations might not be/turned out so badly if they weren't always being torn down. That being said, yes Kate does sometimes treat Jon not-so-nicely. Have you read her book?It gives alot of background on part of why she is,and acts like she does. Isn't it so frustrating though,that we don't know the story behind that picture of Jon with that girl? I mean,you could be "seen somewhere" with Kelly's husband Scott(I'm only saying him because I don't know any other know!lol. I'm NOT hinting at anything!)and it be perfectly innocent like wanting input on a present for Chris or something like that.I guess its one of those things that we can't know how it really is unless we're them!
But man oh man, I hope they solve everything!!! Go Jon and Kate...I'm rooting for you! :)

ok, now I'm done talkiing! ha!

Crystal said...

Hi Jenna. I found your blog a while back on Kelly's. I love this show so much and I was just shocked when I heard all of this at first. After watching the show on Monday, I don't know what to think. I def. agree that Kate needs to treat Jon better and stay at home more with their kids. As far as Jon cheating goes...I really hope he didn't. Like you said they can work through anything if they want to. On the show they both acted disgusted with each other I thought. Although, I am hoping they stay together.
By the way your little man is too darn cute!

Tris-star said...

I have always loved the show and this last episode I felt like I was watching something I shouldn't be watching. Do you know what I mean? It was so awkward! I wish them the best and think that their kids are happy and hope they can get through this and stay together.

Tinkerbell Memories said...

I personally think its sad that there marital problems are out in the open and everyone is talking about and it making judgements for themselves. I know that's what happens when you life is in the spotlight, but still. I can only imagine how much of a strain 8 kids can be on a marriage. I'm sure they have little time for each other and having the stress of 8 kids, can put a damper on your marriage. I hope they can over come it. Like you said, they both have to try and want it to work. My husband and I had a hard time a few years ago, but we got through it and just had our 10 year anniversary. By the way, a girl I work with looks exactly like you! Do you have a twin in Springfield, Missouri? :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting about this, I've been waiting for someone to bring it up lol. I thought I was the only one who was obsessing over their situation. I literally felt my stomach in knots while watching on Monday night. I almost feel like they are both giving up without a fight. If the marriage where important enough to them, they would see the strain that this show is putting on their marriage and they would stop-no matter how much money that means they wouldnt be making. If their marriage were important, they would go to all lengths to save it. I feel like Kate has changed 100% since the beginning, some good changes but mostly bad. She is definitley more attractive now, but her parenting is much more controlling and bossy and not as loving as tender as it used to be. She used to do special things for each child and holiday and you never see those things anymore. Its all about the fame and fortune of the show. I think Jon needs to step and be more of a man, not a doormat. He is such a good daddy, so involved and hands on that I just hate to see the kids hurt. When Alexis was talking to him at the party and told him she didnt want him to leave anymore, my heart just ripped into pieces. Ive always thought he was a bit immature so maybe this is his partyside coming out (pictures with the 23 year old). I honestly have a guy feeling that he did cheat on her, sadly. Jodi and Kevin said they supposedly have a contract saying its okay for him to have a girlfriend as long as he shows up for the filming for the show. Maybe thats how he thinks the can get away with saying he didnt cheat (cause he thinks it was ok because of the contract). I still dont know what to believe. I felt like I was watching a totally different tv show. When it was over I took their book "Multiple Blessings" off the shelf and started to re-read it. I just can't fathom how such loving, Godly parents can act like this. It seemed like they were a totally different couple. And wasn't it just last season that they were re-newing their vows? Was it because they meant it or because TLC paid them to do it? Ugh so many questions and we'll probably never have an honest answer. I know I'll still watch, I feel attached to those kids as I've watched them grow over the years. I'm praying things work out for their family.

Meg said...

Ok, personally I love the show! I just watched the kick off to this season and it made me really sad.

Did Jon cheat? I don't know, allegations point towards yes but only he and the teacher know. I do know though that his actions were incredibly inappropriate for both a husband and father.

Did Kate? I don't think Kate did. Once again, only Kate and whoever...the bodyguard know. I think that the story was just the medias attempt to spin the story and sell more papers/magazines/etc.

Will they stay together? From watching Monday's show I don't think they will. It was incredibly sad and it will be heart breaking for their children.

Can their marriage be fixed? I think that anything can be fixed if you really want to put the effort into it. If they decide that their relationship is too far gone then no. You have to have both people in the relationship willing to work at it.

Will you keep watching the show? Absolutely. I love the show, I love the kids, I love watching them grow up. Jon and Kate are normal people, they are in marriages just like many of us and they deal with just as much if not more stress then the average marriage.

Meg said...

BTW, totally disappointed in Jodi and Kevin. Not their place, shut up and love you family...don't throw them under a bus! Love one another, support one another, how terrible for them to speak up against Jon and Kate.

Chic Runner said...

I am so with everyone else with the whole 'rooting' for kate and jon. I wish that there wasn't so much tension, it's so sad. Can you post the link to Jodi's Blog?

I do hope for the kids and for themselves that they can rekindle whatever they had. They were always so fun loving and seemed so in love.

As for kate being mean to jon. I would be a raging crazy person if I had that many kids too.. but at the same time, they did make a promise to each other. I was so sad when I watched the episode.

Unknown said...

Aunt Jodi's sister's site

Interesting/eye-opening blog (people on here predicted many of the things that are happening now. also lots of K+J's neighbors post too)

Anonymous said...

I have watched the show for a while now and really feel bad for the kids. To hear "I miss you daddy" that's so sad. And to hear they called Kate by the babysitters name, well, then stay home. I see both sides. I see that we all fell in love with a couple who married young and were one another's rock through it all. You never see much family helping out on the show, it was always them. It needs to be them again, they can make it work. They signed the contract and need to continue the show, but need time, maybe counseling to make it work. I refuse to read the gossip magazines as only half of what you read is true.

Sonya said...

I really haven't paid much attention to all of the media stuff. I had heard, but I just thinking listening to it gives the gossip more power than it should. Two things crossed my mind as I watched...for one, in order to work on the marriage they are going to have to be in the home at the SAME time. When they talked about Jon being gone and needing some "time off", it's basically like separating.A couple of days, turns into a week, and so on. It's just one foot out the door, which makes it easier to give up. Two, I just want to remember to pray for them and their family, that it will work out the way it is supposed to. I watched the other night to see what would happen and I love watching the kids (they are so funny)! But I doubt I'll watch much more because it does seem like such an invasion of privacy anymore. I certainly wouldn't want people filming me if my life was in chaos.

Sarah said...

I worked at the same school that Kara and Maddy went to in kindergarten and I have been following their story and watching their show ever since. They live about 30 minutes from where I live. It breaks my heart when I think about what a possible divorce would do to the kids. If I were Kate, I would end the show right away and focus on my marriage and my family, but I guess they are locked into a contract with TLC. I just hope everything works out for the best!

Shari said...

1. I stopped watching the show because of how Kate speaks to Jon and she is a control freak.

2. Since they are in the limelight and chose that path, they are dragging their kids through the mud anyway by making them popular through a nationally watched show.

3. I don't know if either of them cheated! The liberal, left-wing media hypes everything up so no one really knows what's true.

4. I believe Jon needs to gain some backbone and speak up and take his job like a man instead of being constantly controlled by Kate.

5. I believe they can work it out! You have to want to if these allegations are true! However, they would need to stay OUT of the limelight in order to gain a healthy relationship again!

6. Since most of America depends on hype and lies from the media I expect things to turn out a different way than we'd like!

Mette Thomas said...

Wow we are way behind in Australia had no idea of all of this, my goodness a lot has hapened we are still in happy family mode in Australia with the gosslings but yeah kate is a bit rough with John she really does need to get a little better.

Anonymous said...

I have watched this show from the beginning & although Jon needs to be more assertive I do not think Kate would have it with out a battle. She is too controlling.I hate to say this but they had kids too young & didn't get to know each other fully 1st. Then Jon LET Kate talk him in to more kids when they couldn't support the twins.Jon said at the end of last season he did not want to continue the show--- yet here they are--Kate wanted to do it & he is submissive. Fame & $$$ is what Kate seems to covet most,not good. I think they should stop this show & get back to reality{real normal life}.These kids will suffer. The show is not what it was in the beginning,most normal families do not have nannies & a chef & assistants & make a living off of their children.They should call the show "jon & Kate" because it seems to now be a show about marital problems & destruction of a marrige, all documented for the kids & their friends to see. SO sad.

Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

I watched Monday night and was just sick at my stomach for the kids. I think they're both at fault and neither seems willing to humble themselves to fix it. I'm addicted and I'll keep watching, even though I felt like I was intruding - it was so awkward!! Probably the best thing for the family would be to quit the show, but how would they support the kids then?

Erin said...

This is the first comment I have left on your blog, but I have been reading for a long time.

I used to love to watch Jon and Kate, but not so much anymore. I think the biggest issue can be seen in the final moments of the last season. Jon said he didn't like being in the spotlight and didn't want to do the show anymore, but Kate kept saying how she loved what she was doing.

I think they have a chance at saving their marriage, but Kate has to listen to Jon's feelings and walk away from all of it. She says they can never go back, but they can. If they walked away eventually they would be left alone.

Also, I read somewhere that Kate was only home 9 days last month. It annoyed me to keep hearing her say on Monday's show that she was doing it by herself and Jon needed time off. If my husband was only home 9 out of 30 days I think I would need time off too and I am not even a stay at home mom.

Marianne said...

I have been sad for a while now about this show. It is so sad to watch a lovely family disintegrate like we are seeing right now. I've been upset with TLC for promoting and/or condoning an abusive, controlling, too ambitious wife; a hen-pecked, doormat husband; not to mention very probable affairs and airing very ugly problems that exist between this once-loving couple. It is not our right and it has never been our right as viewers to watch these kids in private moments, i.e. sitting on their little potties, bare bottoms, etc. I would not want to be either Jon or Kate when these kids get old enough to realize that their childhood has been sold for fame and fortune.

kim_brough said...

I think it's funny (in not a ha ha kind of way) that this show has been on for what 3 or 4 sesaons and they did TLC specials before that and NOW the media is talking about them nonstop. I swear, there much be a group of people who sit and pick out random folks to obsesss over-- J&K, that Susan Boyle chick, Paris Hilton. I've never been a huge fan of J&K + 8 and find it hilarious that she's speaking on the Christian circuit. Where in the Bible is that part about berating your husband constantly?? I prefer 18 Kids and couting b/c you can tell from watching the show they are Christians. I didn't know that about the Gosselins until I read it in an article. But ultimately, I think they were thinking in monetary terms as to how they could help their family, not what the kids truly needed. You can't love both God and money.

Al's World said...

Jenna, I am so glad that you posted this! I have been obsessed with this, but not because I want them to fail, but because it BREAKS my heart that this is happening. All I heard the other night is I am here for the kids, well first she is not because she can find some other kind of income for them besides being away and exploiting them. Second, her kids are her life. Her husband and his well being is gone. He should be her first priority. If she loves her kids so much she should do everything she can to save her marriage, but she and Jon are only seeing what this situation is doing to them and how each person is hurting and not looking at how their actions are hurting one another. It is not all Jon's fault, it is not all her fault, but if they really love their kids, then save the one thing that means more to them than anything and that is their parent's marriage. I hope that I am making sense, this has broken my heart and can't believe they are allowing Satan and his lies destroy their lives, after all life is WAY beyond ratings and money.

Barclay Kathryn said...

I know! I've been following it awhile now, including Jodi's sister's blog. Oh it all makes me so sad. Just thinking of the kids. I have a feeling, although I truly hope not, Kate has already moved on. She just doesn't respect Jon. And I think Jon's sick of it (which I don't blame him) but still I'm SO sad. You have chosen to marry each other and it is your duty to God and your children to make it work. I saw her speak at Willow Creek recently, I know she says she a creation but I just wonder if she truly as a relationship with Christ, you know???

Randee said...

Truthfully , I now watch it just to see the kids grow up into beautiful Children. Before , I watched it because I thought that their family was very unique. Because you know all of the kids look just like Jon. Kate had 6 more kids then my mother had. My Mom and Dad stopped trying to have kids after my Brother , Joshua was born. Because she didn't want to go through all the stuff that she and Dad did when I was born. You see I was born with a Birth Defect Called " Spina Bifida" So , Technically Joshua was a Surprise!

Kendra said...

Honestly I am disappointed in them BOTH!!! I mean first off, what is Jon doing out with a 23 woman at 2 something in the morning at a bar?!? I mean really, even if he didn't "Cheat", he has some explaining to do.
And as far as Kate, I am so disappointed that she gave that interview to People magazine "we might split up". I mean really shouldn't that be between you and Jon? And you better believe if my marriage were in such peril I would be canceling my book tour and high tailing it home to work on things. Even if I were furious at my husband! The bottom line is you are a family and you made a commitment, and THAT is your priority. Not making the best sellers list.

And in the season finale of last season Jon expressed how frustrated he was with their lifestyle doing the show, and she was basically like "well I am happy with it so deal", which I thought was really disrespectful.

I personally think HE thought it was disrespectful too, and I think he did what he did on purpose and didn't try to hide it. I think he is DONE with the show and all the celebrity stuff and trying to fight back in this passive/aggresive way. He sure didn't give any impression he has ANY desire to work on the marriage during the season opener on Monday.

Ugh. The whole thing makes me so sad. They just renewed their vows in AUGUST of last year....

McCray's said...

For so many many reasons, I strongly encourage everyone to stop watching this show. (No viewers = no more show.) I feel the show is no longer in the best interest of this is certainly NOT protecting the impressionable, sweet hearts of these children (in which the Bibles talks so much about). Jon & Kate so adamantly indicate that this show "is for their children," and that they would "do anything" for them and yet how in the world are these poor children benefiting one bit from this show? I completely understand how and believe this show began with innocent motives, but the fact is, IT IS NOT BENEFITING THEM NOW. How will their hearts not break into as they go back and watch this last their parents openly confess "issues" of their deteriating marriage...and that it just may not be worth fighting for anymore (as TLC shows how "cold" they treat each other)? How is all this awful media attention and these hurtful accusations helping them mature into emotionally and spiritually healthy adults? And why was it worth it for Kate to quit her job as a nurse (to be with her kids) THEN and not NOW...seemingly while what all is at "stake" is at its highest? Where is their testimony of a life lived sold out to Christ (which they once claimed to be...and used as a speaking platform)? What in the world is "worth" all of this? Money? Fame? I pray the Lord protects these children's hearts and minds from the repercussion of their parents CHOICE to display their broken family out for the world to a form of a reality show. And I really hope "its" worth it...whatever that is. As for me...I will pray for them and TURN MY TV OFF.

Kristin said...

This post exactly how I feel about the situation...

Jennifer said...

I am so glad you posted this. I feel so bad for them right now. Having that many children is a blessing, but it makes it hard for the parents to stay focused on each other being that there is so much more to do when you have 8 children. Bottom line, I agree that they can fix this if they both want to fight for it. Hopefully, they will for their children and so they can regain the love for each other that they had. I really don't want them to end the show, but it might help for them to take a break from it and focus on each other and rebuilding their family. They should also try counseling. Who knows if the tabloids are right or wrong about the affairs, but I sincerly hope that they are just rumors. I am praying for this family.

Amy said...

Up until this season, I even let my 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 year old watch this show... Now, not so much. The language the other night was NOT how I want my kids speaking.

Then there's my thoughts on the rest of it... Did John cheat? I don't know, but I can sure as heck see his point as to why he would want to get out and let lose.

Did Kate cheat? I don't know that either, but she sure does have double standards.

Is she WAY too wrapped up in the money making? YES!

Does even her hairdo drive me crazy now? YES!

I'm having a REALLY hard time watching the show now! And honestly, a few months back (as they started showing more trips and more material things, etc.) it started bothing me that just becuase they have 8 kids they're getting all this money, publicity, freebies, etc.

*SIGH* I don't have an answer... I guess I'll just wait and see. LOL

Charlotte said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I love love love your blog!! I am having our first baby on Monday and have braced myself for the very good chance of a stay in the NICU since she will be 36 1/2 weeks and your story has been so inspiring to me. I know that after reading what you and your husband went through, that my husband and I can too! That's why I wanted to nominate you for Queen of All things! You truly inspire me!!! Keep up the good work!!

Krista said...

ohhhh Jon & Kate! I've been following this story on the internet, in people magazine (which i rarely read but find interesting!)& the news! goodness they are popular.

i'm going to agree with you about the way they treat each other. and the fact that, yes, they can make it work, as long as they put the effort forth! Anything is possible, right?

Drama drama drama. Part of me wonders if they BOTH agreed to do the show, or if Kate took it & ran with it with out much more than a nod of the head from Jon. Oh well! It's still fun to watch!

Emily said...

I just dont even know what to think anymore!! I know they could work throw it, but I dont feel like they want too and the poor kids... being on tv will do that to ya.. i guess!!
I love the first flight pictures.. you look great jenna!

Jennifer said...

I really have no idea what is true and what is not, but I think that the show on Monday night was all about ratings! I think that things dicussed in the interviews could/should have remained private, but they chose to talk about it. I would be curious as to how things really were at home, since reality tv is so staged these days anyway!

happymomof4 said...

I too LOVE LOVE the show, however Monday nights episode (the start of the new seaon)was hard to watch. It was all just very very sad, had me in tears. They use to be such a big happy family, and it just wasn't the same. I hope that neither of them cheated on each other and I hope and pray that they are able to work things out. I feel so horrible for the kids because they didn't ask for any of this and they are the ones who are getting hurt. As far as Jon's "story" yes you were married young, yes you had kids young, and yes you didn't plan on having this many kids- but you chose all of this it was your decision and you have to live with it. Sorry you didn't get to go out and party etc.. when you were in your 20's- what a cop out!!!!!!! I really think he is having a midlife crisis right now. I think he needs to own up to his responsiblities. Regardless of what is really wrong they both need to figure out what is going to be best for their children, and they both need to grow up! Like I said I think it is just a sad situation. I hope and pray that they are able to work things out!!!!

Rachel Dominguez said...

Ok...I have plenty to say on this, as this is one of my favorite shows, but I will keep it short and sweet.


I do NOT think Kate did!!!

I have always thought that Kate was rude to John and treated him like a dog (ordering him around) but that IS NO EXCUSE to go parading around town with a 23yr old teacher...Are you with me here?

As for the new episode. I feel that John is a jerk now and Kate is just trying to understand. SHe is hurt and I feel very sorry for her. She is a very good mother and has always put her children first (what we see anyway), preparing organic meals, taking the kids to fun places, loving them, saying sweet things in thier ears...ect.

I am so mad at John right now I cant even see straight and from his interviews on that episode, I didn't feel or see one bit of remorse coming from him. When he did say sorry to his family, you could tell he was just saying it cuz the interviewer guy asked him if he wanted to say anything to his family.

I don't know...I love that you posted this though cuz I dont know many people that watch this and I love to talk about what I think. LOL

Paige said...

To me the whole situation is very, very sad. This show has been one of my favorites since it first came on and it is very sad to see this once humble loving family crumble right in front of our eyes every Monday night.

In a way I see both sides, but last season Jon said that he did not want to do this anymore but Kate did and she did not seem to care what he thought. Even though If I were Kate I would be seriously hurt by seeing my husband "hanging out" with another woman alone, I feel like I am leaning towards his side. He told us that he didnt want to do the show anymore and he seems to be a VERY good father that loves his children more than anything. Kate has not only treated him like dirt from the very beginning of the show but she can often be pretty cruel to her kids too. On the show the other night when he was sitting there at the party with his kids you could tell that he seemed very sad when he looked at Alexis when she was telling him not to leave. I dont condone Jon hanging out with other women while he is married AT ALL, but if my spouse has treated me like dirt for the past three years who am I to say that I wouldnt be in the same position he is in. And yes, his apology did seem kind of weak but its not Us that he should be apologizing to, its his family and we dont know he hasnt done that in private.

In a way I dont feel sorry for Kate as much. She would not stop saying over and over again how she was doing everything on her own. How can you say that and then turn around and say I am gone so much that my kids call me by their babysitters name. The sad thing is, is that once they get old enough they are probably only going to start calling her a hypocrit. Also, I am not really sure why she is so concerned about what her kids call the papparazzi and about them talking to kids at school about them, when she is sitting on national television screaming and yelling at not only her husband but also her kids. Or why not be more concerned about what the kids are going to say to the twins about how their parents are giving up on their marriage and may get a divorce? If I was her I would be more concerned about her children finding something like that out at school rather than some random man taking their picture in a parking lot.

I dont want to admit it because I love the show but for the sake of their children and their marriage, I think they should stop filming and try to get back just being a normal family. I think they should both watch the movie Fireproof and BOTH try to focus on fixing their marriage rather than making money!

Elisabeth said...

I would have to disagree that they had the children too young I think 25 is the average age of new moms.

But they did have the twins very soon after marrying, my husband and I married 3 years ago on June 3rd we've been trying ever since. We had a miscarriage in the fall of 2006 and had a failed adoption in early 2008, I don't think they appriciate having them as much as they would if they waited.

The way Kate speaks to Jon is disturbing especially since she does it right in front of the kids. The episode where they were at toys r us was the one that did it for me I stopped watching it faithfully then.

I personally don't like the way she speaks to her children at times either.

Money changes people, and not for the good.

I think this will be the last season (hopefully) and both Jon and Kate should focus on whats most important their family and God. I agree you can't love both (money and God) They've changed so much.

I don't think Kevin and Jodi have thrown them under the bus, they are concerned with a very horrible situation.

Unknown said...

Well, I used to love the show. Now, I feel just sick over it. Sick for the children. No matter what happens they will forever be changed by the mistakes made by their parents. I do think Jon is lying. I do believe he cheated. I wish he wasn't and I wish he had not cheated. However, what other reason would he have for leaving a bar at closing time with a younger woman?! I know if it were my hubby leaving a bar with another woman...I would likely have his head on a plater! You just DO NOT do things like that when you are married. Plain and simple.
I think Kate is a snake. Always have. I have always felt she was just plain mean to Jon. That's no excuse for him to cheat though. I don't feel that Kate will forgive Jon. She's just not a forgiving person. As her sister inlaw states. It's really sad. Those poor little children will likely grow up in a single parent home. I pray they can work things out, but due to Kate and her 'mean spirit' toward Jon. I doubt that will happen. It's just plain sad.

davidkayla716 said...

first i love the show and i have watched it from the begining. i think everyone thinks it is all kate's fault. but i think jon has issues too. why would you buy a sports car if you have 8 kids?!? i really hope that they can work things out. they need to take a break from doing the show and if they want to start doing the show again maybe pick up next summer. what are they going to do after the little kids start go to school in the fall? after monday's show i just felt so sorry for the kids.i dont think that they are even staying in the house together. maybe they can work it out and get back to the jon and kate that we all know and love!

Annie said...

I was so sad after watching monday night. What a train wreck. Kate acted so weird, throwing things at the camera and just being weird... seemed so fake. Jon looked drunk in his interview. I thought it was so sad.

Did Jon cheat? Probably. Sad.

Did Kate? Probably not.

Will they stay together? Probably not.

Can their marriage be fixed? Anything is possible.

Will you keep watching the show? Probably.

Jeff and Steph said...

I don't know about any of it. What I do know is that I think Satan is attacking this very public marriage on several levels. I'm praying for them that they'll humble themselves to each other and to God (if they haven't already) and that God will do something amazing in their marriage! 10 million people watched the premiere? Wow- 10 million people that could be witness to God's restorative power. That's what I hope for!!

I also wish TLC would let them out of their show so they can focus on their marriage and their kids.

Mrs.D said...

You know, I really think it is just so sad. The kids are adorable and hopefully they aren't feeling the stress in Jon and Kate's marriage yet. But, honestly, how could they not pick up on something being wrong?? I think Jon & Kate have forgotten what's really important...God, Marriage, Kids. Everything else comes after.

My little 5 year old niece loves this show. As I was watching the premiere I was hoping that she WASN'T watching. It's just too much!

Grams said...

The man doesn't have a job, DOES have a sports car and hires people to take care of his kids. Be careful what you wish for

Ashley said...

Oh, this makes me so sad... I loved this show. I could always count on the kids doing something funny or cute then watch Jon and Kate bicker and make up, but now? It is painful to watch this show. To hear Alexis say "I don't want you to go anymore"! Heartbreaking. Kids can sense trouble and animosity much more than parents think. Jon and Kate are always saying "Everything we do, we do for our kids." It's hard to believe that they are still doing the show for the kids or to provide for the kids. I bet if they went back to spending money they way they did when the babies were first born, they would be able to afford to not do the show! I really hope that Jon and Kate can seek some counseling to help bring them together so they can be the loving parents those children need.

Michelle Whitlow said...

Well, I used to be a fan of the show. Before it turned into a media circus. I loved watching the kids. I loved watching an "everyday" family. Not so much anymore. I haven't watched it in a year, except for this season's opener.

I think the way Kate talks down to Jon is unacceptable. We all snap at our spouses. Lord knows I do. But she belittles him, cuts him down, treats him worse than a child...or a dog for that matter. In the same token, he needs to step up and take ownership of his life.

As for affairs, I don't know if they have or haven't. Quite honestly, I get the impression from Jon that this isn't the life he wants. He doesn't want to be on camera. He doesn't want to be a stay at home dad. He doesn't want a wife who's never around. And I bet he went out to blow off some steam. But who knows.

I think if Kate were so "innocent" in this whole thing, she wouldn't be running to People magazine less than a month after this happened (without her spouse) and telling "her side" of the story. I think she wants to paint a picture that she's the victim. She knows what she's doing. Someone who is that overbearing and manipulative isn't a victim.

I hope they work it out. I hope they realize that they're destroying their marriage and the relationship they have with their children all for money. It's for nothing else. There's no other reason at this point. These kids need some privacy. Their entire life shouldn't be public viewing.

As Kate's brother said it so well ~ how do you think those kids will feel when they look back and see that everything their parents did for them was for tv. It wouldn't make me feel too good.

Oh, and I did a post on my blog a while back on why I don't watch the show anymore and the issues I have with it. If you want, you can read it here:

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