Friday, October 12, 2012

Sneak Peek of Our New Home!

Now that we have walls, I thought I'd do an itty bitty sneak peek of our new home. =)

Here I am in our new great room. There's a fireplace next to the window but we couldn't get it in the picture. The wall behind me will be where I put the entertainment center. It's so funny -when you look at something on paper vs when it's actually built, the difference can be crazy. 

I am seriously at a loss for furniture placement in this room. I'm working on it but it's a large space and I am struggling a little with how to fill it up! I am facing our kitchen and what we are calling our hearth room. I don't like separate dining rooms and breakfast nooks. Chris and I are not formal people. So instead, we have our kitchen facing the "hearth" area which will be where my big wooden table goes. 

This is my pride and joy - and no, if you can believe it, this ISN'T my kitchen! I'm going to absolutely love that too, but my very, very favorite space in the whole house is this window. It's going to be a window seat. It's in our master bedroom and it is my own personal reading nook. I am SO STINKIN' EXCITED. I have wanted one of these since I was a little girl. I can't wait to curl up here and read a good book!

This is one of Chris' favorite spots - our back porch! He loves this space. I'm a big fan of texture on the outside of a home, so I chose to mix shingles, cedar planks and brick. The front has the same brick as well as stone and stucco. 

That's it for today's sneak peek! Once I have some cabinetry, I'll probably share a picture of my 2nd favorite space, my kitchen!
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