Friday, September 13, 2013

First Visit From The Tooth Fairy

Back in February, Brayden had an accident that caused some damage to his front teeth. I've taken him to the dentist several times, and this last time they said he would need his four front teeth removed. I had one of those 'mom moments' where I knew that what they were telling me just didn't feel right, so I called another dentist for a second opinion.

It turns out that he really only needed one tooth removed, and so we had that done yesterday. They gave him laughing gas before they started. It certainly lived up to its name!

 And then we had to pry his iPad away from him...

And before he knew it, the tooth was out!

And of course, last night the tooth fairy came for her first visit to our house. He made out well!

He got quite bit more than we will usually give, but it was bit of a traumatic experience, so it was warranted. ;-) He was so excited to go show his friends at school!

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