Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home from the Hospital!

I had my surgery yesterday and wanted to let you know I'm okay!

PS - I'm on percoset right now, so please pardon typos/general senseless meanderings.

My surgery was scheduled for yesterday at 11am. It took forever for them to get me checked in even though I was technically checked in and paid for on Monday at my hospital pre op. I showed up at 8:55 and they told me get there at 9.

When I finally get to the prep center at 10ish, guess who doesn't have a bed for the scheduled patient! I got to go sit with my husband and parents out in the surg waiting room which is definitely better than sitting back in pre op where it's super cold!

I checked with the waiting room nurse close to 11 just to make sure they didn't forget about me. They finally called me back.

They asked a ton of questions about previous surgeries, medications etc and took vitals. I asked for a "cocktail" something that relaxes you before surgery. I am SO glad.  My least fav part of any operation is going into the OR awake. I barely remember the ride TO the OR!

One thing I recommend for anyone having surgery of any kind: If you've had any kind of bad experience, share it with the anesthesiologist. I had a freak thing happen years ago where I aspirated when they pulled the breathing tube out, ended up with pneumonia and had to stay in the hospital, so my team yesterday had a whole game plan to make sure that it didn't happen again!

I woke up and was moved to my room where my family met me. I remember very little outside of asking for a drink and making sure I didn't scare my boys who had arrived from school. I was in and out of it for hours.

Here's the bad part. This generally happens to me, so don't panic if you're having surgery soon. My BP dropped out. I was at like 79/43 or lower. Because of that I could NOT have pain meds because those drop you lower. So I was not very happy. The good thing is I didn't stay conscious for a lot of it. They came and did labs in case I needed a transfusion but I was ok, so as soon as they got my BP up into the 85/50 range, they let me have some pain meds, praise God.

After that, I ate 4 packets of this awesome strawberry jello that tasted EXACTLY like fresh gala apples. SO good. I wish I knew what it was because I would be hunting it down. Oh and by "ate" I mean Chris spoon fed me because I kept dropping it all over myself.

I had major trouble sleeping at all last night but I had no pain so I played on my phone while my husband slept on his cot. =)

This morning my husband got me a Starbucks and I begged to get the heck out of dodge, so they let me leave around 10am. I'm home and managing pain, sleeping a lot and doing well!

Thank you to every one that sent me tweets, dm's, emails and texted! You sure know how to make a girl feel loved!
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