Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Weekend (A Little Late)

It's been awhile since I've just blogged about us and what we've been up to. We're pretty boring people during the winter. This past weekend, we decided to drive over to Tulsa and let the kids spend some of their money at the Disney Store. 

First though, we ate at one of my favorite places, The Cheesecake Factory. I could eat my weight in brown bread.

We don't eat at The Cheesecake Factory often, since it's about 2 hours away, but when we do, we order tapas (small plates) to share. It's generally fairly unhealthy, but every once in a blue moon, that's okay.

This time we had the cuban sandwich rolls (I can't think of the name of those), fried zucchini (my favorite), chicken potstickers and southwestern egg rolls. I'm working on a recipe for those. They are so yummy!

After lunch, we headed over to the mall to let the kids spend their money (they bought Woody and Buzz Lightyear dolls) and then took a couple of spins on the carousel. 

On our way out, we passed a booth of girl scouts. Would you believe we haven't bought girl scout cookies in at least 6 years? Probably closer to 8, to be honest! We decided to get some this time. My favorites have always been Tagalongs and Chris loves Thin Mints.

What's your favorite girl scout cookie?
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