Monday, August 4, 2014

Pirate's Paradise: My Boy's New Bunk Room

For about the last year, my kids have been begging to share a room. We finally decided it was time to go for it, and we picked a pirate theme, since they LOVE all things pirate related!

We actually had this bunk bed already (long story) so we decided to use it. We draped decorative fishing netting on the end of it. 

I ordered their bedding and drapes from Target because it was both cute and affordable!

Here's a closeup of the bedding:

We hit up Hobby Lobby on Saturday and scored all of our little knick knacks and frames for half off (including the netting!). 

 See these maps I have around the room? They were FREE. I customized park maps of all the Disney parks online and they mailed them to me free of charge.

And finally, this is their little play area:

They absolutely LOVE their new room and are having the best time sharing it. I know that sooner than later they will want their own space back, but this will be so fun while it lasts, and I'm sure they'll cherish these memories as they grow older!

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