Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Fancy Night Out & Telling Our Kids We're Going Back to Disney!

This weekend was pretty eventful for us. We started out by going to the Arkansas Children's Hospital gala. We enjoy going every year and this year was no exception!

Each year they have a specific color you're supposed to wear. Last year it was tangerine, and this year it was turquoise. I looked high and low for a cute turquoise dress. I ordered several and sent them all back. Finally I gave up and purchased this black dress and accessorized with a turquoise necklace. Next years color is white, which will hopefully be a little easier to find!

The next day, we decided to tell our kids we are going back to Disney World!

A friend of ours made a video of Chris and I talking about what we have coming up for this year, and how we wanted to take a trip but we just don't have time. Eventually, as we're talking, Disney characters would pop up on the screen and wave at the kids. Finally, we both yelled, "We're going to Disney World!" and then the video cuts to the Disney World promo material. He did a great job making it for us!

We have two excited kids!

We're staying onsite this year, so I pulled up the Animal Kingdom Lodge so that they could see the hotel. We picked that one because of the view we will have from our room of all the safari animals. We also get to take part in the free dining this year and I showed the kids videos of the new restaurants we are trying out this trip!

Is it November yet?!
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