Monday, June 8, 2015

Last Day of School!

Well, school is out!

The school my kids go to actually ended in May, so we've been out for two weeks now. We took a little impromptu trip last week which I can't wait to blog about. We visited Magnolia Market for all of those Fixer Upper fans!

But before I get to that, I had to share a little about my two main boys.

Brayden finished up Kindergarten. Unlike a lot of my friends schools, ours doesn't do a graduation with caps and gowns and all of that (which is a little sad for me) but they do a program where they sing and we watch a video of pictures of all the kids from the school year. 

I am amazed at what he's learned this past year!

He can read easy reader books, write full sentences, do addition and subtraction and even play math games on his computer. He has grown so much! He's much more outgoing and every kid in his class loved him, which is so fun for me to see. He makes friends so easily and has such a sweet spirit. He received an award for his love of God's word - he had memorized a Bible verse every week of the school year!

Brody attended Pre-K 3 this year, and we lucked out - he was able to be in the same class his brother was in when he attended Pre-K 3. We absolutely love his teacher!

Brody has always been very outgoing, so it was no surprise that he made fast friends with everyone in his class (and several of the other classes!). He has learned a lot, including how to write his name. He loves coloring, recess, library and story time. He also loves Wednesdays (he only goes 3 days a week) because they are Chick-fil-a days!

We are looking forward to a fun filled summer, and I hope you are too! I'll be back later this week with pictures of our trip to Waco and Grapevine. We visited Magnolia Market and several other shops that you've seen on HGTV if you're a fan of Fixer Upper!
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