Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our trip to Magnolia Market, Junque in the Trunk & Harp Design Co.

Raise your hand if you're a fan of Fixer Upper!

Alright, so I'm assuming you all raised your hands! If so, this is the post for you!

Last week, we decided to take an impromptu trip to Waco, Texas. Why would we want to visit Waco? Well, solely for Magnolia Market, Junque in the Trunk and Harp Design Co., of course!

Waco is about 8+ hours from where we live, so we actually drove to Grapevine first, but that is for another post.

Our first stop was...

 I mean really, where else did you think our first stop would be? ;-)

Magnolia Market is currently located in what I would say isn't the best area of Waco. That was just my impression, but I could be wrong! Certainly the way we drove in made it seem that way. There also isn't any parking, so you utilize the parking lot for the business next door.

You're greeted at the door with this adorable water stand. Love!

We got there right when they opened, which is exactly what I would recommend you do if you're thinking of visiting to Magnolia Market. By the time we left, the place was absolutely packed!

I'm including lots of pictures so that you can see what the whole store looks like. It's pretty small, and I'm sure the new one will be a lot larger!
Everyone who works there is so helpful! See that gray ladder above? I might have come home with that.
 I might have also gotten a few of the things in these pictures as well. I'm working on some remodeling projects that I can't wait to show you!

There is also another building that is detached but just steps away from the main Magnolia Market. It looks like this:

Inside, there is a lot of dead space - I'm not sure if they were just sold out of a lot or what. There were some dishes, fake flowers, Joann's jewelry and galvanized buckets.

It was great to visit! I was surprised to see that almost everything is available online, only because I never felt that their website was that large. Hopefully they will up their number of SKU's when their new store opens. My only other criticism is the pricing. It was the first store of our very long day, so I bought things that I later found for much cheaper.

Next up was Junque in the Trunk, which you might remember from season 2 of Fixer Upper. 

I absolutely loved this store! In my head it was a lot bigger, not that it was small in person. 

I might have brought something from the above picture home with me. Any guesses?

I chatted quite a lot with the owner and found out that she went to school with Joanna and that they are friends. She's also recently engaged and she loved my ring, so she snapped some pics of it which was flattering!

They also stock a lot of the same accessories - I know I saw the bread holders and galvanized buckets here for much cheaper.

You can shop on their Facebook page, so be sure to look for that!

Our last stop on the Fixer Upper part of our day (we visited probably 10 other stores outside of these three!) was Harp Design Co, which is conveniently located right next to the Harp's House...which of course, was featured on Fixer Upper!

Funny story - the Harp's were home and we saw them outside! 

I love everything they show on Fixer Upper, so I had pictured a large showroom. In actuality, the showroom was quite small and very empty. There was one piece I was interested in (a bench) but it was already sold. They had no inventory in the back to sell. Interestingly, it seemed like all of the big pieces in the store had already sold.

Overall, we had a great day in Waco, and loved getting to see the places that are often shown on our favorite TV show! 

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