Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Stuff

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I had gotten these cute flip flops and a changing pad/blankie set and a lot of you wanted to see a pic so here it is!The strap on the flip flop says "mom to be" and under the picture it says "expecting in style."
Outside of things people have sent us and a Razorback stroller Chris bought two years ago, we've made the decision not to purchase anything until we know the sex of the baby. I strongly feel it's a girl and he strongly feels it's a boy so this way we avoid potential disagreements! But when I saw this stuff I could soooo see myself using it for either one and I couldn't pass it up. Oh, and the flip flops are for me so they don't count!

Wednesday and Thursday I was gone on a semi/sorta mission trip which I will tell you all about later when my dad sends me the pictures (I forgot our camera). I hope everyone's having a great Friday!


Kelly said...

Cute stuff! I haven't bought anything yet (except for all the girl stuff I've been collecting for years). We are the same way -I think it's a girl - Scott thinks it's a boy. But we will gladly take either one!
Only 25 more days and I can start shopping! I can't wait to see what ya'll are having!
We need to do lunch again soon!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Those flip flops are absolutely PRECIOUS ;)!!! I am beyond anxious to find out what all of you are having! Your blogging friends want to spoil you rotten!

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