Monday, July 14, 2008

A Birthday, A Funeral and A Wedding

Wow, what an eventful couple of days!
I think I've already touched on my birthday a bit...but then again, my brain seems to have gone on vacation, and with my sense of direction it will never find its way back...

So to recap, Chris took me on an overnight trip to Tulsa to go clothes shopping. Yippie! We also ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Then, Friday night, we had mine and Jeff's favorite meal, Pepper Steak at my parents house (Jeff = brother with same bday as me). It was a fun yet low key night. When I got home I had several voicemails from friends and family including one from from FIL, step MIL and Chris' brother/step sister serenading me with Happy Birthday. It was really sweet!

My friend Teresa is an AWESOME chef. (She made the grooms cake pictured below). For my birthday she did the cutest thing ever...she re-created the chocolate chip cookie Throwdown (from the food network show, Throwdown with Bobby Flay). She made her version of Levain Bakery's chocolate chip cookies and she also made a batch of her own chocolate chip cookies and delivered them to me with a Throwdown Challenge note (like Bobby gets on the show). They were so yummy! Oh...and I had mentioned my love for Choco Taco's and she sent a whole ice chest of them to me!

Friday morning/mid afternoon was spent at Chris' grandmothers funeral. I regret to say, this part of our day did not go well. We were ignored by his mother and step father and it was very apparent that MIL had let everyone know that she doesn't like me. I really don't want this post to be a downer, so that's all I'm going to say about the funeral.

Well, it was beautiful. I sat down and was checking out the program and the bride and groom had given us a shout out thanking us for setting them up! How cool is that? I started bawling...thank you pregnancy hormones!

The Bride and Groom:

The Grooms Cake (The groom works for a mexican food vendor...the cake has chocolate taquitos, rice krispie chimi's and choco tacos on it!):

A pic of Chris and I:

And totally 13 week bump shot (and yes that mirror is clean, it's just a weird picture!):


Megan L Hutchings said...

What a great weekend...despite the hard moments with said MIL! You can rest easy that even though she may not like you, God created you just for Chris and no one will ever take that away.

Those cookies look absolutely divine! I am sure that the wee one is enjoying all of the yummy goodness you LOVE!

Meredith said...

Those cookies must have been soo yum! Your 13 week bump is precious! Also i love that pic of you and Chris! Fun wedding! The cake looks great!

CAMoore said...

We just had to experience having to go to a funeral and wedding in one day! (And I had to wear the same black dress to both events--since I am not spending a fortune on my maternity wardrobe!)

You look good girl!!! Enjoy being able to bend down....I am at that stage where it's horrible trying to bend down. uhg!

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