Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thanks guys

Thank you all so much for your comments and especially your prayers. Jeff seems to be okay but still refuses to go to the doctor, which is killing me. He is so sore and I'm afraid he may have cracked a rib or two from hitting and rolling over that car, but he just won't go...and he's 31 so we can't make him. On Monday he will be having surgery for his ankle (pre-existing) and I hope that goes well. He has a pre-op today so I know that they will draw blood...not that that will tell them much in the way of the accident, but who knows.

For all those that live in the NWA Area, I have some consumer advice. NEVER, EVER under ANY circumstances buy a vehicle at Superior in Fayetteville.

I can't take anymore stress! Between taking care of my husband, worrying about my brother, being 6 months pregnant and issues with this dealership, I just can't do it! I know this will all pass, but I thought I'd pass the word on to my fellow NWA'ers that if you are in the market for a GMC product, go to Best NOT Superior!


Shannon said...

I cannot believe that!!!!! How horrible!!

I love your fall decor!!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I wish he would go to the doctor!!! Being the daughter of the nurse, I am always telling people it is better to go than to postpone it and make matters worse. I will pray that he decides to go soon ;).

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