Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Decor 08

I'm a little sad today because I should be leaving for our annual Mission Trip, but I'm not (doctors orders). Every year I work with a ministry that puts on a full Christmas holiday extravaganza for some very, very needy children. When I say very needy I mean it - they live in the poorest county in our country. I've gone every year for the last 6 years and last year, Chris and I were Mr. and Mrs. Claus (and no, I am NOT posting a picture!).

Anyway, the last couple of years my mom and I do all of the planning, shopping and buying of the Christmas presents. This year was a small year - we only had about 135 children. It's a ton of work and I love every single second of it, but my favorite part is being there with them and seeing their faces. They know us all by name and they look forward to our visits (Christmas, Easter and Summer Camp). So my parents and the people we work with every year headed down this morning and I am just feeling a little sad that I am not with them. But there are not any decent hospitals around so my doctor wouldn't let me go.

Therefore, I am consoling my sad self with showing you my Christmas decorations!

So...welcome to my home! It only has about 1/5 of my decorations up but I think you can understand why!

The wreath I made for our door:

A few decorations in the entryway:

He guards the stairs:

My mantel:

The whole fireplace:

Our pitifully decorated tree...we couldn't find the angel or the ribbon...

Snowman on the bar and my candle that smells like a real tree...yummmm:

My lone decoration for the table...usually I set the whole thing for Christmas:

Our entertainment center...that's the manger on the top:

Hall Bath (that candle tree is gold not white):

Towels on the double ovens:

Brayden's first ornament that I had made on our last trip to Tahoe:

So that's it for now with the decoration pics.
I have a HUGE PRAISE that I want to report. The family friend that I had asked for prayer for (she was given a 4/5 chance of having breast cancer) does NOT have cancer! I'm obviously soooo thrilled! Thank you for your prayers!

And one last unrelated to Christmas topic...I just want to say I am pretty sure I married the best guy ever. On Saturday I turned 35 weeks which = 9 months pregnant (don't ask me how they figure that, I just go by what my Dr says) and I woke up to a card from him.
It was pretty special for several reasons...One, how many guys do you know who would remember and plan ahead for such an occasion, Two, They don't make "Yay, you're 9 months pregnant" cards so he had to get creative and Three what he wrote was so special. I know he would get embarrassed if I posted it so I won't but let me just say, I am one lucky lady.


Emily said...

your house is beautiful jenna! i love it!!! u really did marry an amazing husband. So thoughtful for him to know and remember you were 9months preggers on sunday:) yahooooo.. getting so close:)

Kelly said...

Everything looks really pretty!!!
I would love to go to Wilmot one day. But I know for sure you do NOT want to go into labor down there! :-)

Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

Great job - I'm impressed that you did so much! The question is: will 2008 or 2009 be Brayden's first?

Anonymous said...

Your house is so pretty! I love your mantel! The Christmas ornament you had made is really cute too. What a sweet hubby you have!

tootie said...

I'm sorry you can't go on your mission trip :(

But, on the positive side, your decorations look beautiful! And it sounds like you have a very thoughtful husband!

Robyn Beele said...

What a great husband! He did well! I am so glad to hear about your friend. Your house looks great!

Lianna Knight said...

Your home is so beautiful!! You did an awesome job decorating...and I DID get your email about the stickers :) I'm glad you liked them...not sure what you can do with them, but i thought they were adorable

Heather said...

I love all your decorations!You are getting so close, girlie! I love seeing that in your countdown!!! I am praying for you and Brayden!

Pam said...

Your decor is beautiful! The mission trip does sound so fun and special, but I understand doctors orders! Have a Merry Christmas waiting on your little guy to come.

Shannon said...

Your house looks so great! Love that snowman on the bar! :) Cute!

Megan L Hutchings said...

What a wonderful ministry for children in need ;)! I am sorry you are having to miss it this year.

Your house looks amazing and yes you are one lucky lady ;)!

Guy and Julie said...

What dr. did you use in Tulsa? I have an appointment in January. It's time to start interviewing fertility clinics, unfortunately.

Jaime said...

You have a gorgeous house. I love seeing all your Christmas decorations. So pretty!

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