Saturday, December 27, 2008


Today we are 37 weeks pregnant, aka FULL TERM!

We had a scare the other night - I thought I was in labor. I woke up at 2am with contractions that were 2 min's apart! I decided to get up and walk around and also get a big glass of water. Over the next hour and a half they slowed down and eventually stopped. I am still getting some strong ones but they are very unpredictable.

Kathy, my step MIL, was released from the hospital on Christmas Eve and was so happy to finally be headed home! Unfortunately, that same day, a very, very close family friend (our families were friends when we all lived in CA and then we all ended up moving here) had a stroke. She is still in the hospital and today she is having a pace maker put in. I really want to go up there and visit with the family but Chris and Mom have banned me (they are afraid I will catch something).

We had a really bad storm this morning which totally wrecked my plans of heading to Panera for a hot chocolate and a chocolate pastry. I may have to go do that tonight! We ended up leaving this afternoon to run some errands and then went to PF Changs, where there seemed to be a pregnant people convention going on. I think 75% of the women in there were pregnant!

Chris had an interesting thought today - he thinks that Dr. S might be headed to the Texas Tech game (Cotton Bowl, I think). Now I am panicking. He said he would be on vacation (hence, my next appt isn't until the 5th) but I never thought he meant he might actually be going somewhere. But he attended Texas Tech and is a die hard fan, and now I am totally freaking out that he might be in Texas and what if I go into labor?! I am having lots of irrational fears lately. I think it's hormone related. I know perfectly well that one of his partners can deliver Brayden but I want him!!!

Only 16 days to go (or less!) until we meet our little man!


Robyn Beele said...

You look great! Hang in there! I would have freaked out if I woke with contractions 2 mins apart. Good thing they stopped on there own.

Kelly said...

Good Luck! You're in the final stretch!!!

Kendra said...

Oh Congrats on getting to full term!! Such a blessing!!!!! Praying for you =-)

The Allens said...

I didn't even know 37 weeks was full term. I thought it was 38! I'm closer than I thought!

Mandy said...

You look great and are soooo close!! I can't wait for little Brayden to get here so we can all see pictures!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I cannot believe how fast your pregnancy has gone by...WOW! You look beautiful!!!

Emily said...

9 months:)
So excited for you!
U look amazing.. it is getting soo close!
U are all belly:)

Robin Lynn said...

Congrats for making it this far. Your little boy will be here very soon. I am so excited for you. Remember to take in every moment with him. You are about to meet the second love of your life. It is amazing.

Rebekah said...

I am way behind on reading blogs but you look great!!!

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