Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brody's Birthday

Today was the big day - Brody's birthday! We left the house at 7am to head out for my scheduled c-section. Here is my 39 week belly shot.

Things didn't go quite as planned. Once I was in the OR and they began cutting I felt everything. My spinal failed. They immediately had to knock me out which also meant that Chris had to leave the OR. The last thing I remember was screaming because I was in so much physical pain and crying because Chris had to leave.

When I woke up I immediately was asking if Brody was okay and at that point they thought he was. By the time I was taken to my room I found out that he wasn't okay. He was having trouble breathing and was grunting. This was devastating - the signs of PPHN, what Brayden had and spent 5 weeks in Arkansas Children's for.

A little while later we found out they were taking him in to the NICU. Again, we were totally devastated. His neonatologist came in to talk to us. Apparently Brody does NOT have PPHN (praise God). Instead, his lungs are continuing to produce liquid instead of draining it out and being dry which was causing him difficult with breathing and low oxygen numbers.

During the time that they figured this out and decided to send him to the NICU in the hospital we are at, he did begin improving. The doctors decided to let him make a pit stop by my room so that I could hold him! I was so excited - I didn't get to hold Brayden until he was 9 days old!
(Brody: 6lb 13oz, 19" born at 10:33am)

Brayden was at home taking a nap, but they would not have allowed him in my room while Brody was there anyway because they don't want to compromise Brody's health at this time.

So currently, Brody is in the NICU but has made huge improvements including his lungs clearing up by 75%. I am really drugged up so I hope this all makes sense. Thank you all so much for your prayers. I will update again tomorrow, hopefully with great news!
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