Monday, November 29, 2010


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So I'm a little behind on blogging! We came home from the hospital on Friday!
Basically, what ended up being the problem was that Brody was taking longer to transition. Most babies take 4-6 hours to make the switch and realize they are outside of the womb but it just took Brody longer. Apparently, this is fairly common with c-section babies especially if you didn't go into labor on your own (scheduled c-section).

Brody is doing fantastic now. It's very weird to have a baby who is a good eater...Brody loves to eat, doesn't miss a meal and even takes extra bottles sometimes. It's also very weird to pour a bottle and then feed the baby without having to add thickener and wait and then rush the feeding before it turns into concrete!

He's also a good sleeper as long as he is being held. We will start working on this eventually but for now, as long as we all are getting sleep, that's what matters!

Brayden loves his little brother - I mean LOVES. Every morning when he gets up he asks for "Baby Brobee" and wants to give him kisses and hugs and pats. It's really sweet.

I'm having a much harder time recovering from this c-section than from my last one. I had to have internal staples, external staples and steri strips. I had a ton of leftover scar tissue and would have ended up being knocked out anyway from what I was told. I had scar tissue in my spine as well.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!
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