Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meet Brody

Thank you so much for all the comments, tweets, emails and text messages! We really appreciate your support and prayers!

I didn't have any good closeups loaded last night to share with you but I do today. So here is Brody! I think in this picture he looks so much like Brayden.

Speaking of Brayden, here he is asking me where Brody went:
I was able to get up this morning - they wouldn't allow me out of bed yesterday - so I took a shower and headed to see Brody. We found out that during the night there were a few emergency NICU patients admitted so because Brody was improving so rapidly, they sent him to the main nursery. He is still a NICU patient and under the care of the neonatologists, but they felt that he was stable and therefore was the best choice to move.

I got to hold him a lot this morning. I think he liked it:
And the paparazzi watched from the window:
So now to answer a few questions. I'm going to do this in bullet point form because I'm still drugged up and I think it will come out making more sense this way!

- We think my spinal failed because of the amount of scar tissue left over in my spine from my last c-section. With Brayden, they had a horrible time administering the spinal, and I quit counting after 25 sticks. The anesthesiologist was there when I woke up from the general and this was her theory.

- Yes, they did test to see if the spinal was working. It was about 3 minutes into the surgery when I started to regain feeling. I saw my doctor this morning and she said she had to remove a substantial amount of scar tissue from my other c section in order to even get to Brody.

- Will Brody have to go to ACH? No. At least not unless something drastically changes.

- How is he doing today? Much better. They are weaning him off oxygen today, and we are hoping that he will be fully off of it by 7pm central time. If you have a moment to say a sentence prayer for him we would appreciate it! They also did find a heart murmur today but at this point they don't think it is bad enough to be a cause for concern.

Something else happened today that was great for Brody but that will be another post because I'm about to fall asleep and Blogger won't let me upload the pics!

Thank you all so much for your prayers!!! Tomorrow I might have an idea of when he and I will be released!
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