Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brayden's 2nd Birthday PARTY!

Can you guess what kind of party Brayden wanted?

I'll give you a hint...

Why, Yo Gabba Gabba of course! Or, as he calls it, Gabba Gabba YO!

We decided to go for "easy" as our other words, instead of trying to do it all myself, I called The Little Gym, and they did most of the work for us! They set up, decorate, collect and organize the gifts, write down who got what, clean up - everything! We brought in some YGG decorations and food and that was all!

Brayden loved his party!

And Brody seemed to enjoy it as well!
Here's a shot where he actually is looking around!
Some of the kids went for rides on the parachute:

B played peek-a-boo with me:
More fun:
He wanted a Brobee cupcake...shocking, I know!

He polished this off in about 2 minutes!

Opening gifts:
And we forgot to get a family shot while we were there, but took a quick one when we got home!
A few more things about Brayden:

- You can count to 10

- You know some of your ABC's

- You are my little GPS - you know when we pass places what they are...a certain car wash we go to, a particular gas station I frequent, my Starbucks, our house, Grammy's house, Sara's house etc. I'm holding out hope that you will have an awesome sense of direction since I don't!

- You can figure out how to put just about anything together, take it apart and re-assemble it.

- You are an amazing big brother. You like to bounce your brother in his bouncy seat, make sure he has toys to look at, and you give him his paci when he cries.

- You are a fashion junkie. You enjoy picking out your own outfits and you aren't very happy with me when I make you wear something in particular!

- You can work my iPhone better than I can.

- You are such a loving and happy boy! You bring us so much joy!!
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