Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Overload

Our predicted 3-5" of snow turned into almost 20" of snow!!

Chris left for work this morning and I fell back asleep - and then he came back in the house. I was so confused when he said it was because of the snow...until I got up and looked out the window! At that point we had 14" (Chris measured!).

We took Brayden out to play for a little bit! He is 34" tall which gives you an idea of how much snow we got!

Here he is launching a snowball at me:

20" !!!
You can't tell but he is trying to walk through it but isn't getting anywhere!
More pictures later! I've got the Pioneer Woman's Beef Drip on the stove...our house is smelling amazing! It seems like the perfect dinner for a day like this!
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