Monday, February 14, 2011

Favorite Deals- ONLINE!

I've talked before about couponing and saving money.

Now that I've got 2 kids -2 years and 2 months in fact - I do more and more shopping online. It's just easier! Especially when there is snow on the ground, or worse, ice. I just don't like having to haul my kids out in that.

That said, I still like to look for a good deal!

Here are a few of my favorite internet sites. Share yours in the comments!

When I'm looking for a online coupon, I go to They usually are the most accurate and up to date with the current online codes. They also offer some printable coupons!

If I'm looking for an actual printable for a specific item - like Huggies, for example - I go to You can also check Red Plums site for more coupons.

When I'm looking for a good deal on kids items, I go to Zulily. You have to register an account (just click the link and it will take you to the right page). It's really easy and they have great deals every single day. I've seen Petunia Pickle Bottom on there and lots of other great brands!

Another site I check daily is Baby Steals. They have a new item every day but you have to check it early in the morning before they sell out!

I recently joined Ebates as well. You earn cash back for shopping through them. I was looking for a cast iron skillet and found several online. I had just joined Ebates so I checked on their site and found the same product PLUS I got 6% cash back! Score!

And lastly, I get asked a lot about Swagbucks. They really are what they say they are! I use them as a search engine and earn points. I've cashed my points in for Starbucks giftcards and more recently, for Amazon gift cards! It's easy!
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