Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy 11 Months Brody!

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Brody, you are 11 months old!!!

Alright, well 3 days ago you turned 11 months, but you were really sick, so we didn't sit you down for a photo shoot that day. But you are feeling much better now, so I did it this morning!

You are an absolute doll. You are so, so cute and our little chunky monkey.

You were almost 22lbs but you lost a little weight over the weekend - over half a pound - since you were sick. But the way you've ate today, you'll be back up to 22 in no time!

You have lots of teeth. I need to count them but you bite me, so I'll have to wait for Chris to help me. I would guess you have 7!

You can say mama, dada and hi, and you say "ba" a lot and we think you are referring to Brayden.

You wave. A lot. It's very cute.

You adore the ceiling fan.

You're favorite toy is a small stuffed bunny with large, floppy ears.

You're a total mama's boy. If I leave your site you freak out.

You wear a size 5 diaper, size 18 month jeans, and depending on the shirt, you wear some that are 12m, some 18m and some 2T!

You love Veggie Tales, Max and Ruby and Bubble Guppies. We watch one show each morning and I would say Bubble Guppies is your favorite.

You still cry a lot, but nothing like the first 5 months of your life. I think you just have more of a temper than Brayden did!

Your reflux has gotten SO much better this month. You will go days without a spit up.

You still adore your big brother and want to do everything that he does.

You love being outside.

You are ALMOST walking! You've taken 3 steps by yourself, but nothing super consistent yet!

You are such a sweet little man and I can't believe you are almost ONE!
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