Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Up To Lately

I did a post like this awhile ago (here) and wanted to do another one!

J Crew jeans. I've mentioned that I am a jeans-a-holic before. I seriously wear them almost every day. Last year I stumbled on J Crew's jeans and now it's almost all I wear. They are the perfect fit!
I'm so into this. I started last year and I was fairly certain that I'd kill everything, so imagine my surprise when not a single plant died. I actually had to pull my basil and dill plants out because they were growing too fast and taking everything over. I'm going to have to restart them in separate pots because they just get too large for my planter box. Right now I'm growing a variety of herbs, peppers, lettuces and a few root veggie's.

Waiting for...
So You Think You Can Dance! I love, love, love that show and I look forward to it all year! I also can't wait for Big Brother to start!

What are you up to?
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