Monday, April 16, 2012

Dyson DC39

I’ve mentioned a few times here that I have central vac in my home. I have also mentioned how terrible it is! I asked you, my friends and readers to recommend to me your very favorite vacuum, and the overwhelming majority shouted “Dyson!”

I was thrilled when Dyson sent me my very own DC39! I think I was more excited than a kid at Christmas and a teenager girl at a Beiber concert put together! I anxiously tore into the box…and then I remembered that my handy dandy toolman (aka, Chris) wasn’t home yet.

Here’s the dilemma. I do not assemble things. Ever. It’s a rule. Why? Well, two reasons, really. They either end up broken or I end up with a suspicious amount of leftover pieces.

So I managed to wait all of 10 seconds before I decided to just go ahead and unbox the Dyson. Then at least I could look at it. Admire its pretty orange color, you know. I laid out all of the pieces, and because I’m a blogger, I snapped a pic or two. Or twenty.

Then I realized that there really weren’t many pieces at all to assemble. So I broke my own rule. And I assembled my Dyson by myself.

Guess how long it took me? Yes, I timed myself. Three minutes. And I had no leftover parts and nothing was broken. It took me more time to figure out where my knives go in my butcher block than it took me to assemble the DC39!

I didn’t know that the DC39 was arriving that day and because I’m a freak about stuff on my floors, I’d already vacuumed that morning. But what better test is there than to vacuum my already vacuumed floors?!

So that, my friends, is exactly what I did. Want to see what my new Dyson picked up that my old vacuum left behind? The proof is in the canister:

And guess what? This is only from the downstairs of our home. Half of our house. Can you believe it?! The suction in Dyson products is simply amazing!

Something else that was interesting to me is that the DC39 practically pushes itself across my floors. I have tile, hardwood, carpet and rugs and it effortlessly glided across each and every surface. There’s a great push button right on the handle that controls the rollers. Also, the cord retractor is a great tool. No more winding up cords – just push the button on the canister and the cord is stored inside of the unit.

Also, I mentioned that we have a two story house. Before, dragging my huge central vac unit upstairs was the bane of my existence. The DC39 is lightweight enough that I can carry it one handed all the way up the stairs.

Dyson is known for the ball technology and boy did I put that to the test. I can go around the tightest corners in my home with ease. And the power head is a great shape – it fits under almost every piece of furniture in my home. I no longer have to push my couch and oversized chairs up against the wall in order to vacuum under them! Score!

Emptying the Dyson couldn’t be simpler. And because it’s a bagless vacuum, you’re not going to get sprayed with a Charlie Brown sized cloud of dust when you open it, nor do you have to spend a ton of money on buying bags. All you have to do is push one button to release the canister, walk it over to the trash and empty it!

A few key points:

- Easy to move around the different flooring in my home, thanks to the ball technology

- So lightweight, I can carry it up the stairs one handed

- Power head is the perfect shape to go under most furniture

- SUCTION!! Picked up tons of debris leftover by my old vacuum

- Push button right on the handle so you can easily turn the roller on or off

- One button canister release makes emptying the canister so simple!

There is no doubt that I am now a Dyson girl! And with so many options, from the stickvac all the way up to the canister that I have, you can be to!

Tell me, which Dyson is your favorite?

Disclaimer: The reviewer was compensated in the form of of Dyson DC39.

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