Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cleveland...Getting Here.

I mentioned that I was heading to Cleveland to be with my mom before her surgery and to stay with my dad while she was recovering. I ended up flying through Chicago to get to Cleveland - first they changed our gate because our plane broke down (always a good sign...) and then they loaded us onto our new plane two hours late. We all got on, got ready, headed for the runway, started down the runway....and stopped. Dead in the middle of the runway, we parked.

Apparently it had just started to storm and we got blocked for takeoff! The wind picked up to 70mph and we literally stayed parked on the runway waiting for the go-ahead. Here's a pic I snapped out my window. It was bizarre; the wind was shaking the plane so much that it felt like we'd blow over.

Finally the storm blew over, but by that time, we'd ran out of gas! We had to taxi back to the gate and wait over an hour for fuel. My mom's surgery was at 5:15am the next morning and I was beginning to wonder if I'd even make it in time!

This is my happy face:

I brought my iPad loaded with goodies like Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation:
Finally I made it! Yay!!! My parents surprised me by picking me up at the airport. I was little worried about taking a cab by myself. Flying I didn't mind but getting a cab worried me, ha!

My mom had surgery bright and early the next morning, Everything went very well. Cleveland Clinic is quite possibly the best heart hospital in the world and the campus is HUGE! We were also very blessed to have one of the leading surgeons specializing in Aortic issues as her lead doctor and surgeon. Dr. Svensson is an amazing surgeon and also a very kind man. It's nice to have a doctor with a good bedside manner!

The entrance to the building we are in (there is something like 8 square blocks of of buildings here!).

The view out the front - the HUGE building on the left is actually one of the parking garages! Crazy!
Mom had surgery on Monday and it's Thursday now. She got moved out of ICU yesterday and we are in a private room today. I know many of you on my Facebook and twitter were praying for her and I so appreciate it! She was in terrible pain that they couldn't get under control for the first few days, but she is doing much, much better now!
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