Friday, July 13, 2012

Reality Recap

I think you all know this about me but I love reality tv. Thankfully, Chris loves it to, and during the summer, some of my favvvvvorite shows come on.

I am a HUGE Big Brother fan. I read the spoilers and if I had time I'd watch the live feeds (but I have two kids which roughly translated means that I'm lucky to be able to watch the show!). The first spoiler I read was about which four previous contestants were coming back, and it had Rachel in the group! Oy vey! Can you imagine? How many times would we have to hear about "Breeeeeennnnnnddddddaaaaaaan!" Phew, we dodged a bullet!

I am happy about the return of Britney. She needs to redeem herself after being played by that band of boys. I'm excited about Boogie too - I didn't see his season but he seems like a ton of fun.

Next up - HUGE fan of SYTYCD. I've posted videos of my favorite dances before - here's my newest favorite. I love, love, love Turning Page by Sleeping At Last, so as soon as I heard the first note I already loved the dance. But seriously, it's really good. Check it out:

Last but not least, let's talk The Bachelorette. I really liked Emily at the start of all this...but the more stories I see, I'm just not sure what to think. A lot of people are painting her as an opportunist who treats the crew (and even Chris Harrison) badly. I've read all sorts of reports about how she demanded the guys financial info etc...of course, who knows if that's true.

I will say, that I think Sean was the best match for her. I've read Reality Steve's spoilers and know who he thinks she picks and I just don't see that lasting.

What do you all think?
What's your favorite reality show?
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