Friday, July 20, 2012

My brand new blog (look)!!

Do things look a little different around here? That's because my blog just got a makeover! We're still in the process of changing a few things (my URL will be moving to but you can still come here - it will just redirect you!) but here is a sneak peek!

A few things to notice:

I was recently introduced to PassionFruit Ads, and if you have contacted me in the past about Sponsorships, this is how I will be doing that going forward! Click here for deets.

RECIPES: The recipes section is now at the top right of my blog, in the orange box. I added a few new categories as well, like "All Healthy Recipes," "Bread," "Soups & Salads" and "Breakfast." You no longer have to go to a separate page to see my recipes.

GIVEAWAYS & REVIEWS: Not all of my giveaways are listed here because that is my ad-free page. If you want to see a list of most of the companies I've worked with, go to my Contact Me page.

DIY & HOLIDAY CRAFTS: This is a whole new section! I have lots of how to posts as well as craft projects and now they are all in one nice, neat section! The easier for your browsing enjoyment!

My most visited posts will still show over on the left sidebar, but my blogroll has moved to a page of its own! It was getting too long to stay on this page, even though I broke it up and put half on my left and half on my right sidebar.

You can still follow me on Blogger or via BlogLovin' over there ---->

And, I have a new blog button, also located over on the left that you can feel free to grab!

Jenn took on a big task with this blog makeover! Didn't she do a fantastic job? You can check out her other work here!

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