Friday, November 2, 2012

My Kids Favorite Christmas Pin

We all know I'm a Pinterest addict. I LOVE IT. I use it for everything - from ideas for the house we're building, keeping track of recipes, cleaning and organization ideas, gift name it. You can see all of my boards here if you want.

Anyway, I was looking through Pinterest for something when I came across this pin for a Reindeer Cam. I decided to let my kids watch it. Starting November 16, at 10am, 5pm & 8pm central time, Santa will be coming out to feed the reindeer. The rest of the day you can watch them playing, sleeping and eating.

We've decided to name the one with the bigger antlers Comet, and the other one is Blitzen. My boys love watching them!

There's also an address on the website where you can send mail to Santa and donate to help feed the reindeer. How fun is that? My kiddo's love it and yours might like it to - you can check it out here.
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