Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Santa, Lights & Meeting Rudolph

This past weekend we decided to take the boys to a local town square that does a big light display. Brody is SUPER into Christmas lights this year. He gets excited every time he sees them...even if it's during the day and they aren't on! He yells, "Christmas Wights!" and points exaggeratedly. 

We didn't know that Santa would be at the square this year, so they were dressed warm, and not super cute, ha! That's okay. We will take them again when they are in cute winter sweaters or something. 

Brayden was in awe. He just stared and smiled at him, which, if you know Brayden, is huge. This child is NEVER speechless!

Brody just wasn't too sure about him. He didn't cry, but he also didn't smile.

Outside was "Rudolph" - thats what we called him anyway. They kids were able to pet him and talk to him. I think they were more excited about him than Santa. Probably because every night they watch Santa feed the reindeer online. Click here for more info on that! It's a free website.

Another picture with the lights.

We also got kettle corn and the kids rode ponies. We had a great night! Do you have something like this in your town?
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