Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Last Day

Last Thursday was Brayden's last day of school! I can't believe how fast this year went. It seems like yesterday we were sending him off for his very first day!

Brayden's FIRST day of school...

And his last day!

His school put on a program for the last day, and Brody just couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed on stage with Brayden. He actually ran onto the stage after making a great escape from my Dad's arms at the end of the program, and then shared Brayden's chair until everything was over. Sweet brothers.

And the traditional pictures with the big boy...

 Mommy's turn!

Family pic:

I just can't believe his very first year of school is behind us! He attended school twice a week last year and will go three times a week next year. Today was the first day he "missed" and he doesn't understand why he isn't getting to go see all of his friends!

He learned so many things this year...letters and numbers, songs and Bible verses. We are so proud of him! He was the little sweetheart of his class who all the kids and teachers loved. Every time I picked him up from school, his friends would be sad to see him go and give him hugs. I loved seeing his self confidence soar! He can't wait for next year!
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