Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Home Reveal - Part One

It's finally here! The post in which I reveal our new house! Yay!

I'm going to break this post up into two parts. Today, I'll show you our family room, kitchen, hearth room, laundry room, office and entryway.

When we were building our home, there was one thing I was worried about more than anything else. PAINT! I'm a firm believer in having an overall plan for your home before you start the building process. I knew I wanted our new house to be open, airy and full of light.

Little known fact about me? My favorite color is gray. Go figure. Thankfully, gray is a HUGE trend right now and that made it easy for me not only to pick out some of our new furniture but to pick out my paint color scheme!

I have to tell you about a great color tool I used before I start showing you the paint colors. I will only ever use Sherwin-Williams paint - that was the brand of paint we used in our old house too. Their paint is just far superior to anything else on the market, in my humble opinion. Our builder agreed - she tells all of her clients to use their paint! Back to the tool - it's called Color Visualizer by Sherwin-Williams. It is SO helpful. You can browse colors by family (blues, yellows, gray) or collection (like HGTV Home Collection, kids rooms, historic colors, etc). It's ridiculously easy to use and such an awesome, helpful tool whether you're repainting a room in your current house and designing and entire home like I did.

So, on to the reveal!

First up, let's walk in the front door, shall we?

This is my entry way. I've always wanted a staircase that looks exactly like this. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one anywhere, so I printed out lots of pictures and pieced them together. The stair company recreated my design and voila! To compliment the lightness of the stairs I chose a beautiful color called Samovar Silver. It's a gorgeous color that depending on how the light hits it, can look both gray/silver and blueish.

Because my house is super open, I had to be very careful to choose colors that would look good right next to each other. For that reason, I painted my family room, hearth and kitchen all one color - they are practically one large room, but they are open to the hallway, stairs and entry. I decided on Gray Screen - I love how neutral it is while still being an actual color. I also picked it because like Samovar Silver, depending on the way the light shines on it, it can look both gray and blue.

I designed my laundry room as a dual purpose area. It's actually half laundry and half pantry! It's so convenient. My garage is right out the door so I can bring my groceries right in and set the on the island. I also have a sink here that I use for hand-washing delicate clothing as well as thawing out frozen meat.  This room gets a lot of direct sunlight and so I decided to paint it in the Samovar Silver as well. This picture was taken before I moved everything in, haha!

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my home reveal! I can't wait to show you the rest of the house next time!
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