Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Favorite Pins

I've mentioned my love for Pinterest before....and here are 5 of my favorite pins!

From my Holiday board (which does not include Christmas - that's a board of its own!) here are some super cute cupcake topper printables. These would be great for a Halloween playgroup!

Halloween Printables

From my Photography board, this is a SLR Camera simulator, designed to help you learn how to use your camera (you know, when it's not in Auto).

From the Yummy Looking Food board, this is a recipe I found for BBQ'ed Sweet Potatoes with cilantro lime aioli. I made these about 2 weeks ago. The potatoes were great but the sauce, not my favorite. Oh well, it's 1000 times healthier without it!

I found and pinned this to my For the Home board. What a great idea! I need to do this because my pantry is set up in a similar way and I lose things in that back corner!

And I found this saying and loved it so much that I had to pin it. It ended up on my Books board because it really didn't fit anywhere else...
What are some of your favorite pins?
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