Friday, June 14, 2013

Where did the week go?! House projects and more...

I'm having one of those, ohmygosh, it's Friday, how did that happen, moments. Anyone else? I feel like this week just flew by.

There have been so many little things going on and they all add up, and before I know it, the time has passed. I've been asked for an adoption update but I don't have one to give right now. We are doing something new (I may or may not have mentioned that...I can't recall) but I won't be sharing about that until after we're matched.

We've been busy working outside...Chris built this awesome bench thingy that holds two of his smokers and then he build a beautiful pergola. He is so, so handy. I love that! For his father's day gift, we got him an outdoor tv for our patio. We are already enjoying it!

(Ignore all the stuff in this pic...I'll have to take a better one after all the toys are put away!)

I forgot to mention this earlier, but a few weeks ago while Chris and I were out of town I developed an allergic reaction to my Burts Bees chapstick. I've been using that brand for years...probably at least since my senior year of high school. It took me forever to figure out that my chapstick was the cause. I've found a new favorite chapstick and it's all natural. The brand name is EOS and there are several flavors, but my current favorite is Summer Fruit.

Since I've switched over I've noticed a huge difference. I had to apply Burts Bees at least 20 times (or more, no joke!) a day. Chris called me a chapstick addict. Since I've switched, I apply the EOS chapstick maybe 4 times a day. My lips are smoother and thankfully, no longer swollen up like a duck. A big shout-out to my twitter friends for the suggestion!

I've also been doing some re-arranging of my Pinterest boards. What do you think?

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