Friday, June 7, 2013

Pinterest Picks - 5 Sites I found and love

You're going to be really surprised by what I'm about to say. I. Love. Pinterest. Whaaaa? Yes, you heard me right. I love it, as evidenced by the many posts I've written on the subject. Examples? Sure.

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Today, I'm sharing 5 of my favorite new websites - all of which, I found via Pinterest. I hope you enjoy them!

Stylin Stix Studio
(Image via their website)

First up, this cute little site has adorable party supplies. You can personalize most of it with your monogram, image or theme. They even have super cute cupcake liners!

The Twisty Noodle

This is my new preschool BFF site. You can print out coloring and tracing pages (and lots more). The best part? You can personalize it to your childs name! Here's the one I've made for Brayden!

The Rusted Vegetable Garden

I love using my raised garden bed that Chris built for me. The problem was I knew nothing about anything when it came to vegetable and herb gardening. I've found so many useful tips on this site! This is a picture of my garden today! I'm growing red and yellow onions, garlic, strawberries, cilantro, jalepenos, parsley, chives, mint and more!

Sweet Pickins
(Image via her website - check it out via the link above!)

One of the big trends right now is refinishing furniture. And while there are tons of tutorials online, this site seems to have it all. She is so talented and her site is the perfect place to get inspired!

Smitten Designs Free Printables
(Images from Smitten Designs site - please visit them via the link above to find all these awesome printables!)

Who doesn't love a good printable? They are so fun and easy to use, and can dress up any room. There are some super cute ones to be found on this site! Check out these great examples!

So what sites have you discovered on Pinterest? 

Leave a comment and share them, along with a link to your Pinterest account! Remember, you can find me on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter! I'd love to chat!
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