Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Garden Tea Party

Last week our family friend Teresa (the one responsible for THIS delicious recipe...oh and THIS one too!) threw a gorgeous garden tea party for my moms birthday and her one year anniversary of her heart surgery. It was the most gorgeous party I've been to! She is super talented as are her three daughters and they threw a magazine worthy party. 

Me, my mom and my sister-in-law:

Look at this table setting! Pinterest worthy, is it not?

One of Teresa's daughters folded these napkins origami style. Inside of them is my moms monogram.

Some of the spread:

Grilled fruits:
Chicken cordon bleu:
She also made scones, mushroom tarts, chicken salad, ham, chicken and egg salad sandwiches, salad, angel food cakes with ganache carrot cake sandwiches.

She also made these lemon blueberry trifles, chocolate pots de creme (which are my favorites!):

One of Teresa's daughters made this cake! How pretty is that?!

It was a beautiful party! Happy birthday mom!
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